Women Essay Writing

How to write a good essay on such delicate theme as women are

In the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, women were considered objects of possession by the male population. They had less significance than men. An Essay on Women should expose the changes in the status of women from the 17th century till date.

Although, all men were not necessarily strong and intelligent, they considered women weak, physically and mentally. The male masses saw the females like children and did not involve them in serious affairs. A man observed a woman as his slave who would satisfy him, take care of his home and give birth to his children. Women were not educated and were made to do only household activities like cleaning, cooking and raising children.

Without proper education women were not able to find suitable jobs. Even if they were allowed to study, there were some jobs which women could not pursue, like jobs in the Army. Such jobs were always dominated by men. Women were only seen as an object of beauty, which was the only thing which kept men interested in them. The female gender was always given inferior status to males.

An essay on women would be helpful in awakening the minds of such men who still consider women as just a thing and not a human being.

Times have passed with many changes in the views of men, and one of these changes has been the status of women. From the last hundred years women have seen equal freedom and rights as men. In different communities and cultures, the status of women developed and reached a high position.

Women have come a long way since their times of suppression and male-dominance, to oppress their thoughts and talents. Now they have achieved respect for themselves and are able to work in the same place as men, vote with men, and are considered rightfully equal to men.

Many great women have struggled through their lives to bring over this change. Women’s efforts challenging rational, social, economical, and political attitudes about a woman’s place in society played a significant role in the liberation of women. The foundation of colleges for women challenged the world’s views on women’s conventional positions. Women have fought strongly through ages for all their rights. The Women’s Liberation Acts throughout the world helped in upraising the thoughts of the entire human kind. Not only men started venerating women but this change encouraged women for self-respect.

Nowadays both women and men do the household work. There is less discrimination and a woman holds an honorable position in a man’s life. They have equal responsibilities and walk hand in hand. Women participate in all activities of men and prove themselves equally skillful and challenging.

Great women around the world have set examples for men as well as women. Marie Curie in the field of physics; Charlotte Bronte and Toni Morrison in Literature; Queen Victoria, Margaret Thatcher and Indira Gandhi in Politics (Also see Essay On India); Barbara Walters in Journalism; Maria Montessori and Florence Nightingale in social work and medicine; and Coco Chanel in fashion designing, have contributed immensely in their respective fields. Women like Helen Keller and Mother Teresa changed the thoughts about women.

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