Water Essay Writing

An Essay to Spread Knowledge about Water and to know its Properties

The only liquid that covers 70% of the earth is Water. In its purest form water has no smell, taste or color. Essays on water can be written in biological as well as chemical terms explaining most of the details of water. Considering water as a chemical ingredient, a water essay may include:

  • Chemical properties of Water:

The chemical formula of water being H2O, one molecule of water has 2 hydrogen atoms covalently bonded with one atom of oxygen. It appears in nature in all three states of matter: solid, liquid and vapor. In the solid form water appears as ice, in liquid form it appears in the rivers, seas, lakes, in the ground, etc. and in the gaseous form it appears as water-vapor.
Water is a tasteless, odorless and colorless. Intrinsically, it shows a very light blue hue, although water appears colorless in small quantities. Ice also appears colorless, and water vapor is essentially invisible as a gas. Water is transparent, and thus aquatic plants can live within the water because sunlight can reach them.

  • Physical Properties of Water:

Certain properties of water enable its capillary action, which allows water to move upwards in a narrow tube against gravity. This feature is seen in vascular plants, like trees. Water is a good solvent. Many substances such as salts, sugar, acids, etc as well as certain gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide dissolve in water. Whereas certain substances like oils and fats do not dissolve in water.The large heat capacity and high water content in organisms prevent local temperature fluctuations.

Water essays can cover many such chemical and physical properties of water. This may give an idea to the readers about how water behaves chemically as well as physically.

  • Water and Life:

Life on Earth depends on the various properties of water. The large heat capacity and high water content in organisms contribute to thermal regulation and prevent local temperature fluctuations. The large heat capacity of the oceans and seas allows them to act as heat reservoirs such that sea temperatures vary only a third as much as land temperatures and so moderate our climate as in global warming essay.

Water gradually cools during the night releasing its heat into the air making its surrounding areas have warmer climates. Thus, water’s high specific heat regulates temperature to enable life on earth.
Water is the basic necessity for every living organism. It can be called the “mother”  of all liquids. It is the main part of blood. It helps the flow of blood to all capillaries possible and helps the blood as to carry nutrients as well as oxygen to all parts of the body.

There are many things that can be written about water. The writer should make it a point to explain water in every aspect. Knowledge about water is essentially important to know its properties and how they work in real life.

A water essay can help people obtain useful information about water and spread it for the betterment of nature as in Nature Essay.