War Essay

Write All About Wars in the Past and Present

Today, when people of every country are making efforts for their country’s development technologically as well as economically, every country is entering into a competitive environment. In this scenario, some basic values like respect, tolerance and mutual understanding are vanishing. A powerful war essay can list out all the negatives of a war for the knowledge of those who are still sitting and preparing for destruction.

In olden days when wars were necessary for a person’s, or countrymen’s existence and survival, kings and their soldiers were considered saviors of life. It was the time when the kingdoms were expanding to discover new boundaries of land. People of one state or country or locality had to unavoidably fight back the intrusions from people of other localities. As time passed by, people started developing their interests in other subjects.

War essays can describe that when education found place in a common man’s mind, he developed a more liberal and accepting attitude. Then the wars took a new face. These were no more fights of a king and his soldiers to forcefully attain honor and property. These were fights for freedom. Common people, who could no more tolerate the torture and unnecessary rules imposed by Kings or leaders, raised their voice in protest. Since these things can be explained in depth with many examples,  essay about war can completely be written on them. In your essay you can write about the achievements of Kings in the past, and how some kings like King Ashoka of India, opted to leave their kingdoms forever, and walk on a spiritual path full of sanctity.

Nowadays wars have again changed their face. This is the first time in history when you see the whole world fighting against the same problem. This is Terrorism. More information on Terrorism can be found from a terrorism essay. People are being killed and property is being ruined due to terrorist activities. Today, every person dreads the same situation that once arrived on 9/11. Every writer of war essay should conclude the essay by writing tips for people to get away from war and lead a peaceful life. Write and read a peace essay to spread calmness, acceptance, tolerance and some spiritual bliss through the minds of children and grown ups.

Every person should understand that wars and fights simply lead to bloodshed of innocent people. Soldiers go to the battlefield to fight for their nation, leaving back their close ones. Their family awaits their arrival only to find one day that their son, brother, husband or father is dead. The family receives some money from the government. But, does that money fill the gap created by the missing family member?