Types of Essays: Which One Should You Write?

Learn About the Different Types of Essays before Writing One.

Sometimes, when it comes to assignments, you may not be given a choice about the Type of Essay you have to write. However, there will be times when you have to choose the kind of essay that you want to write. For this purpose it is important that you know about the various kinds of essays that exist. Having this information will make it easier for you to choose an essay that suits your personality.

Seven Common Essays

1. Critical Essay: writing this essay involves an analysis of a literary piece of work. It is not just a simple summary. The writer provides his or her point of view based on an evaluation of the work. The point of view is supported by evidence and is quite a challenging task. In case of doubt, try and get some good essay help.

2. Persuasive Essay: The point of a persuasive essay is to convince the people reading the essay. Readers should accept the essay arguments along with the essay conclusion. The arguments that lend credibility to the thesis statement should be brought out into the light. Statements made should be properly evaluated.

3. College Application Essay: In this Type of Essay, the applicant must bring out the reason for applying to a particular college. The purpose of such an essay is for the writer to bring out why he is best suited for the college he is applying to as well as express how he would be able to contribute to that college.

4. Narrative Essay: this involves writing about an incident that the writer has personally experienced. The main point of such an essay is a focused view point that takes center stage in the essay. This is expressed through feelings and emotions that are shared between the writer and the reader.

5. Argumentative Essay: This Type of Essay requires thorough reasoning, proper inducting and assertive conclusions. The theories and assertions presented in an Argumentative Essay must be thoroughly examined and proven. If the writer fails to prove his reasons and findings and does not apply his arguments to the topic at hand, the essay is considered to be an unsubstantiated opinion.

6. Descriptive Essay: in this essay, the main purpose is for the writer to provide a description of the things that he observes. The central aim of this essay is for the writer to share all his perceptions and experiences with those who read his essay. a successful Descriptive essay is one which makes readers believe that they have actually personally experienced what they are reading.

7. Five Paragraph Essay: To write a Five Paragraph Essay, all that is required is learning and applying the correct essay outline. This outline has five parts to it: The introduction, the body which consists of three supporting paragraphs and lastly, the conclusion.

There are a lot more than these seven Types of Essays when it comes to essay writing. Choose the type that you will enjoy writing most and begin!