Thesis Statements for Research Papers

The importance of thesis statements for research papers

What are the thesis statements for research papers? It is the section that contains the purpose of your work, what you are going to show in your research paper and how you are going to persuade your audience. This is the basement of the whole research paper; that is why it is vital for the research paper. You have to think it over in a very thorough way. Every part of the research paper will need to refer to this section in some way.

Thesis statements for research papers impact

Well-written thesis statement for research paper should:

  • Answer to the research paper question directly.
  • Tell the audience what to expect from the rest of the paper.
  • Invite a discussion point of the research paper.
  • State the significance of the discussion point.

This section is essential for your audience. From here your readers can find the information about the whole research paper.

Thesis statement for research paper essentials

  • This part of the research paper should be specific. It should contain, pure and simple, the main issue of the research paper, supported with facts mentioned in the work.
  • You should place here your own point of view concerning the problem.
  • Thesis statement is changeable. You may make modifications in the thesis statement for research paper during the writing process in case if you have included new information to the paper.
  • Added to everything else, you should throw away from the thesis statement the information that is not mentioned in the main body of the text.

Thesis statements for research papers writing tips

After you have found all necessary background information for the research paper you must decide how to write the thesis statement for research paper.

  • Make a rough copy of the thesis statement in order to create well-written section of the research paper.
  • Usually the thesis statement is a single sentence. You should do your best when structuring it in clear, logical manner.
  • The thesis statement should contain only one idea.
  • Usually thesis statement is placed at the end of the first paragraph of the paper. The rest of the paper will give items of evidence that your vision of the problem is right.
  • Check your work and make sure that it addresses the thesis statement for research paper. Every section of the research paper should be connected to the thesis statement.
  • Proofread the thesis statement. Take into consideration that grammar and spelling correctness is vital for the research paper.
  • You may use thesis statement samples in order to check the correctness of your own work or to find workable ideas concerning writing the statement. You can find a lot of appropriate examples. Assure yourself that the chosen sample hits the spot of your assignment, level of education and field of study.