Finding the Roots of Terrorism by a Terrorism Essay

A Terrorism Essay Helps People to Understand it and Encourages Them to Fight against it.

Terrorism, which has no specific definition, can be called an act which brings fear among people. It has risen to a great extent from the last decade by threatening the world with impulsive violence. Earlier a terrorist activity was recognized as a way to weaken the confidence in the ruling government and was mainly focused on political platforms. Perhaps, from some of the recent bustles it has proven to be a source to spread panic, vandalism, destruction and bloodshed.

The main reason for such terrorist attacks still remains a mystery. There may be political involvement, or an intention for publicity. Hatred towards a particular race, religion or nationality can also be a reason for terrorism. A Terrorism Essay must include the acts of terrorist groups and their effects on common public.

Most common terrorist acts include hijacking, kidnapping, bombarding and killings. Most often it is not done by an individual; there are groups and their branches in various parts of the world. The known forms of such activities, which should be part of a Terrorism Essay, are:

  1. Civil Disorder – Cooperative violence interfering with the peace and normal functioning of the society.
  2. Political terrorism – Violent illicit actions intended to create panic in the public for political purposes.
  3. Non-Political terrorism – Terrorism that is not aimed at political purposes but which shows a conscious attempt to create and maintain a high degree of fear for coercive purposes among people.
  4. Quasi-terrorism – A violent act in which armed criminals keep civilians as hostages. There may be several reasons behind this, like, trying to escape from law enforcement. In such a case terrorism may not be the goal of the convict.
  5. Limited political terrorism – It is a plot not to overthrow the government, but to protest a governmental policy or action.
  6. Official or state terrorism – Violent action initiated by an existing government to achieve a particular goal. Most often this goal involves a conflict with another country.

Terrorism still prevails on the Indian borders from many years (also see Essay On India). Similarly many other countries are facing its brutal effects from decades. But the September 11-attacks in the United States shook the entire world. It was the most horrifying case for everyone.

With the growth in computer field and other technologies, information exchange has become easier. Because of such flexibility it is very easy to form groups and manage them. People responsible for such activities have a strong group organization and sophisticated planning, which reduces the reaction time to fight against an attack.

Stopping Terrorism may take many years, which can include every individual educating his children against such acts and growing them up to work for the betterment of the society. Increasing security everywhere will also have many inconvenient side effects. One way to hamper terrorism is to form groups of optimistic and constructive people who could spread good values through the human race to drag out people from terrorist groups showing them the path of humanity. Another way is to discourage such harmful activities, including corruption which indirectly leads to terrorism.

Many such Terrorism Essays can awaken people and provide them sufficient information and courage to fight against terrorism.

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