Teacher Essay: Impress Your Teachers by Writing an Essay on a Teacher

A Teacher Essay can be a gift to all teachers and a reward for their hard work.

Practically, a Teacher is someone who teaches something. In this broad sense any living or non living thing, which teaches us something becomes our teacher. A writer who wants to write a Teacher Essay can portrait this word in a broad sense as just explained. He/she can otherwise consider teacher as a person who provides schooling in an educational system.

Education has gained respect and a broad-minded approach from last several decades. Before this time schooling or education was acquired only for self-satisfaction and intellect. Competition was less in those days and people depended merely on man-power. All major activities required for the fulfillment of a person’s basic needs in life were done through manual and physical work. The intense need for education which is found now was not observed in those days (See Education Essay for more details).

Nowadays when education has deepened its roots in the minds of common people, the importance of teachers has increased. Education standards have risen and along with this the pressure on children and teenagers has increased too. With the striking growth in science and technology, the competition with which the students have to deal has become difficult. Nowadays, students cram up all subjects to get good scores but forget to understand what the author actually specifies. A teacher’s job is to actually incorporate true values and the true meaning of any subject. A writer can explain this in detail in a Teacher Essay. He/she can also explain different types of teachers such as, informal teachers like parents, relatives or tutors and religious or spiritual teachers like gurus, mullahs, rabbis, etc. as well as their ways of teaching.

In ancient India, Gurus used to teach a student everything; Sanskrit scripts, general knowledge, sports as well as military arts. Children from royal families were sent to stay at the Gurus house. These Gurus used to meditate everyday and teach the students the same. Students were taught various exercises by which their power increased day by day. At the end of the complete training, which lasted for several years, the students went back to their homes giving the Guru whatever he asked for. (Also see Essay on India) Even now in India, teachers are considered Gurus, receiving respect and honor from common people. An author can write a complete Teacher Essay considering the olden teaching methods in India.

A teacher is a person who gives us knowledge which has become one of the basic necessities to live life today. Hence, a teacher deserves high esteem and admiration. There were some teachers in the past who fought against the cruelty towards women and children. Without any selfishness and hope for a reward, those teachers struggled through their lives to enlighten the world. Such teachers should be loved (Also see Essay on Love), praised and worshipped. Nowadays, when parents do not get much time for their children, a teacher plays an important role in a child’s intellectual and moral growth. So, write a Teacher Essay to point out all the goodness of your teacher. Such essays would be a real reward for them.