Smoking Essay Writing

Guide How To Write Brilliant Essay On Smoking

Smoking is practised by up to 1/3 of the adult population. Most tobacco smokers begin during teenage years or early adulthood. Smoking has elements of adventuresome and revolt, which often appeal to young people. In a smoking essay, which is based on social and health issues, the writer should specifically point out the hazardous effects that can be caused by smoking. A writer of such an essay can get a brief idea about the above mentioned two issues from the following topics.

Social issues related to smoking

Smoking is badly criticized in certain cultures and smokers are considered outcasts, though it is even a part of ritual activities for some communities. For teenagers, it can work as a first step out of childhood and as an act of rebellion against the mature world. For some people smoking brings a feeling of happiness, satisfaction, peace and relief from stress. Even though many people feel good about smoking and never admit that smoking is bad for health, it is necessary to point out in a smoking essay that people do waste a lot of money on smoking which could be used for a good purpose.

Smoking also causes irritability, agitation, depression and anxiety. This ultimately takes a person away from his work and close ones. Since smoking is an addiction, when chain smokers do not get time to smoke, they enter into situations causing restlessness, loss of concentration and headache. Such effects can certainly degrade a person’s social life.

Health issues related to smoking

The most popular substance that is smoked is tobacco. Cannabis and some other drugs like heroin and cocaine are also smoked but they are mostly restricted. Nicotine is released due to combustion of tobacco. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug but its effects are not as intense or noticeable as cannabis or cocaine.

Smoking causes gum disease that can result in the loss of teeth and bone loss. Smokers are more likely to develop peptic ulcers than non-smokers, which in some cases, lead to death. Heart and lungs are the parts of our body mostly affected by smoking. Respiratory problems occur due to poor functioning of the blood circulatory systems. There are many such diseases which should be covered in essay and it should be made clear that the process of recovery from such diseases in a smoker’s body is slower as compared to a non-smoker’s body. Studies have proved that women live longer than men but smoking women don’t get this benefit.

Sometimes movies and high-status models encourage smoking. Because teenagers are influenced more by such people, attempts by parents, schools, and health professionals at preventing people from trying cigarettes often fail. Severe steps need to be taken to repel people away from smoking habits and stop them from consuming tobacco in any form. More and more educational programs (See Education Essay) should be setup for spreading awareness about the long term effects of smoking and drug-taking. A smoking essay can help in such causes.

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