Short Essay

Short essays writing hints

What do you know about short essays?

A short essay is a kind of academic writing assignment. Short essay presents your thesis, argument or solution and provides it in 1-2 paragraphs. Traditional essay is usually no shorter than 5 paragraphs. You have to strike the balance in structure and content of the essay. Some tutors necessitate for series of short essays rather than one voluminous research paper. In order to write outstanding pieces of writing you should take into consideration essentials of short essays.

Basic points of short essays

With help of short essays you have a possibility to discuss different areas of life, avoiding overbriming too many points of discussion into one essay. Nevertheless, the best way to write outstanding short essay is to write an ordinary full-length essay and then cut it down.

Despite the fact that the essay is really short, it requires as much attention as long essays.

  • In general, such kind of written assignment does not require that you build a complex argument or offer your personal evaluation of the text.
  • You should remember that even a very short paper is the result of a research process. To all intents and purposes, writing short essays is quite interesting and absorbing thing. You can start on one idea, test it and then get ahold of something more interesting.
  • It is absolutely normal to find really workable idea on a halfway of writing the first draft of the essay. Take into consideration that you will not know what your best ideas are until you have written a full scratch paper
  • You have to make use of your evaluation skills. It is necessary to identify strong ideas and to highlight them in your short essay.
  • Your thesis statement should be clear and reasonable.

Short essay writing tips

Despite the small dimensions, short essay calls for good writing skills and good analysis skills. These workable hints can come in handy when you will have to write this kind of academic assignment.

  • First and foremost, you should choose an appropriate essay topic. The point is you should focus on a slender part of general topic. In other words, the topic should be very specific.
  • Use your evaluation skills in order to select most appropriate information and decide what pieces of information should be included. Take into account that your short essay should provide arguments that directly affect your topic area.
  • After necessary preparations you should write scratch paper of the essay. Assure yourself that your title, introductory part and the conclusion match.
  • Proofread the first draft of the paper, taking into consideration such questions:
    • Are my main points comprehensible?
    • Can this information be interesting to my audience?
    • What else can I tell concerning the topic?
  • Write the conclusion of the essay. It should address the first paragraph of the essay.
  • Write the final version of your short essay.
  • If you face certain problems with essay writing, you may use sample essays, especially samples of persuasive essays.