Writing a Law School Essay for Exams

Helpful Instructions for Writing a Law School Essay during Exams.

School Essay

Writing a law School Essay during your law exam can be a frustrating and nerve wracking experience. To write a standard law essay you could follow the IRAC technique of essay writing. This technique stands for Issue, Rule, Application and Conclusion. It is a rather helpful way to write such types of essays. If you are worried about writing your own essay, you could take a look at a custom essay, or read through some helpful instructions to familiarize yourself with the essay writing process.

How to answer law essays

1. When you get your essay exam question, the first thing you need to do is focus on the question that is being asked. This may sound easier than it actually is. Lots of students make their first mistake here by accidently misreading the law School Essay question that has been asked. Make sure you concentrate and read the question properly. Read it several times very carefully. Be sure that you have understood the real meaning of the question.

2. Once you have read the question carefully, pin point the important issues that are relevant to the question at hand. Once you have spotted the issues, note them down on scrap paper. The issues should be noted down as per importance. This means you should begin by noting down the most important, critical issue and then note down the less important ones. Penning down the issues will help ensure that you do not leave out any important points while answering the question.

3. To write a good essay, you need to begin your law School Essay by explaining, in detail, the most important issue related to the question.

4. Describe the legal law that applies to the issue you have explained. This should be done by providing a detailed, clear and to the point explanation of the law. Point out the leading cases, describe the application of the law in courts, discuss the limitations of the law and highlight the policy considerations that support this rule.

5. Now, apply the law rule to the specific facts that have been provided to you in the question of your essay. Provide an explanation of your thought process; this will help show the examiner your understanding of the manner in which this law is used in a specific context. At times it is important that you demonstrate the reasons for which the law does not apply.

6. Finish your essay with an appropriate conclusion. This normally means ending the essay with a brief statement that provides a tight summary of your position and reiterates the answer to your essay question.

When writing a law School Essay one of the most important issues you will face is sticking to your time limit. You need to allocate a fixed time to each part of your answer and stick to the time that you have set for yourself. Going beyond your fixed time for any one answer will affect your overall essay as you may not be able to give the other parts of your essay sufficient attention. Even worse, you may not be able to complete your essay. So pay attention to the time you spend on your essay.