SAT Essay: How to Score

Great SAT Essay Tips to Help you Score High.

Take a look at the following SAT Essay tips. Using these tips in your essay will leave you feeling confident about your essay score.

1.Carefully read the essay prompt
This is the first step when it comes to essay writing for SAT. This is also the part where the majority of students make a mistake. You must start your essay by carefully reading and understanding the essay prompt. Then take a pencil and underline the main idea that you need to write your essay on. Those students who don’t do very well on their essay are the ones who have not read the essay prompt carefully. Make sure you are not one of these students.

2.Select a thesis
Once you have understood the prompt, your next step is to select one side of the given issue. Your thesis must provide a yes or no to the essay prompt. If you want, you can certainly use the prompt wordings and make them part of your thesis.

3.Brainstorm to come up with examples
Once you have your thesis in place, you need to look for good supporting examples. Start by making a list of a number of literary works that you read about in school. You can also list historical events that you studied to support your view point. Once this is complete, you can move on to the next stage.

4.Briefly introduce your thesis
By now the outline for your SAT Essay is almost complete. You should have completed the thesis along with a description of all your examples in one line. You now need to start forming the introduction with a couple of words regarding the topic. Next, write a single sentence on your thesis. Keep it nice and simple; there is no need for complicated content.

5.Write a few paragraphs for the essay body
As soon as your introduction is complete, provide supportive arguments for your thesis with the examples that you came up with in step 3. Ensure that your paragraph informs your readers of what you are planning to prove in the very first sentence. Provide a few details that support your point in the following two sentences. After that, write a concluding sentence that informs readers as to how your thesis has been supported by your examples.

6.Use an analogy/metaphor in your conclusion to support your thesis
For good SAT Essay writing it is important that you conclude your essay by incorporating an analogy or short anecdote that explains your point completely. You may even write what you think will happen at some point in the future. Do not pressurize yourself to come up with a brilliant ending. Providing a summary of the evidence that you provided to support your thesis is good enough.

Keeping these tips in mind when you write your SAT Essay will help you write a better essay with increased confidence. While writing your essay remember to stay calm, remain focused and follow these tips.