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Sample Essay

The following Sample Essay has been created to teach you about the basics of essay writing. In order to explain the parts of an essay, the various essay components have been pointed out. The thesis statement has been enclosed with stars, the topic sentences have been placed in italics and every main point has been placed in brackets. The reason for these parts being highlighted is to facilitate your understanding of how to write an essay. The following is an essay sample. The first paragraph is the essay intro.

‘A dog is man’s best friend.’ Though this commonly used phrase may have some truth to it, many people do not only enjoy the companionship of dogs; they also enjoy the company of other animals. A lot of people prefer cats to dogs and consider cats to be their best friend. *Regardless of what people who love dogs think, cats do make superb housepets as they are great to live with, are well behaved in the house and can also be looked after very easily.*

In this Sample Essay the first line of the paragraph body is the topic sentence which has been shown in italics. If you are confused, you could take a look at an essay format before reading further.

To begin with, people like the company of cats. (Many cats are loving creatures.) Cats like to snuggle up to people; they like being petted and enjoy their chin being scratched. (Contrary to popular beliefs, it is possible for cats to be trained.) Just like dogs can be trained with the reward and punishment system, cats too can be trained by their owners to stop them from misbehaving. They can also be taught to do tricks and can even be trained to fetch like a dog.

Secondly, cats are well behaved household members. (Unlike dogs, cats do not disturb the peace with barking and loud noises.) Usually cats do not even make a meow sound. Cats typically tend to lead quiet lives. (It is true that cats have claws; their masters need to make provisions for this.) It is a good idea for cat owners to place a good sized scratching post in their cat’s favourite spot. This will lead to the cat scratching the post and not destroying the furniture.

Lastly, the ease with which people can look after their pet cats is one of the best features of cats. (When cats are not in an affectionate mood, they usually tend to be rather playful.) Their favourite hobbies are running after balls and feathers and even chasing anything that hangs from a string. Cats also really love playing games that their owners are a part of.

The last paragraph of the Sample Essay is the essay conclusion:
Cats are so loved because they are well behaved pets and are not difficult to look after. Mother cats teach their babies to use a litter box and the majority of cats use this box every time they need to go to the toilet after being trained. This is true even when it comes to stray cats; once shown a box even a stray cat learns to use it.

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