How to Write a Rhetorical Essay

Learn How to Tackle a Rhetorical Essay Assignment

Rhetorical Essay

A Rhetorical Essay is an extremely specific type of essay. This essay style requires you to read between the lines. You need to thoroughly understand what has been written so that you are able to analyze what is being said about a certain person, place, subject or other topic. As an assignment for students, this type of essay can initially be quite difficult to grasp. This is because writing a rhetorical paper requires the writer of the paper to think critically and study the manner in which the information has been presented by the author.

Interpretation of a Rhetorical Paper

It is important that you realise that a rhetorical type of essay can be interpreted in two ways. These two ways are:
I. Writing a rhetorical analysis essay
II. Writing a rhetorical analysis essay using rhetorical methods and devices

I. Writing a rhetorical analysis essay

This Rhetorical Essay type means that you have to read two texts written by different authors. The most important task here is to study and analyze both the positions on a particular issue and get an idea of the overall significance of both the versions of the text. In order to do this you need to follow certain steps:

Steps to be followed

1. Analyze the texts
2. Define the main points introduced and supported in the texts
3. Observe how the authors have managed to convey their thoughts, emotions and more.

II. Writing a rhetorical analysis essay using rhetorical methods and devices

This type is quite different from the first type as it requires you to use various rhetorical methods to write your essay. However, this type of essay writing is not difficult and you will most likely find that you are already aware of most of the devices to be used. Some of the rhetorical devices are:

1. Persuasion
2. Narration
3. Argumentation
4. Comparing and contrasting

Facts, examples and statistics are also considered to be rhetorical devices when it comes to writing a Rhetorical Essay.

General Tips for Writing Rhetorical Essays

When writing your paper, keep the following essay tips in mind:

1. Regardless of the type of rhetorical paper you need to write, both the types have one thing in common, i.e., an iron clad thesis statement.

2. Ensure that all the paragraphs in your essay contain topic sentences. These sentences must relate to the central idea of your essay.

3. Provision of a sufficient number of proofs in each and every one of your essay paragraphs is critical. These will provide support for your thesis statement.

Writing a Rhetorical Essay is not difficult but a first time writer should be aware of the rules to be followed before beginning this task. It would be a good idea for those who are unfamiliar with this particular essay format to look at an essay writing service for help. These services are quite helpful as they guide students on how to begin their essay. They also provide the option of custom essays for those who need more help.