Research Proposal

The Importance Of Research Proposal

The research proposal is considered to be the first step of writing the research paper. The objection of research proposal is to present your research idea. This part of research paper serves as means of persuading the audience in significance of your idea and your ability to elaborate it. Writing a proposal is one of the first tasks that must be undertaken by all students. You should do your best when writing it because this section of the paper should be very convincing.

Basic Items Of Research Proposals

All research proposals should contain the following:

  • Short and demonstrative title.
  • Research proposal rationale.
  • Literature review. This part of the proposal includes all sources that were used during the research process.
  • Objectives of the research. Here you should state the aim of your work.
  • Methodology section. Methodology section states all methods that were used for data collecting and data analysis. It is appropriate to mention the reasons for choosing particular methods and give descriptions of those methods. Also you are to include the presentment of all equipment and materials that were used during the research process.
  • Summary section. Here you should include the most persuasive reasons for developing the chosen issue. This section is of great importance that is why you should put yourself in best licks when writing it.

As mentioned above, research proposal plays a vital role in research paper. Proposal sample can come in handy in case if you have some uncertainty in writing it. Well-written proposal sample would contain methodology and information on important sources that you could use.

Research Proposals Writing Tips

  • You should think out the structure of the research proposal with great care. That is why it is necessary to write an outline for the proposal. Thus you will have a possibility to create logically structured proposal.
  • Check the specifications of the assignment and assure yourself that your proposal meets the requirements of the task.
  • You should avoid general and incorrect information when writing this part of the research paper. It will add significance and in-depth to your work. If you face some problems with structural synthesis of this section try to find appropriate samples.
  • Grammar and spelling correctness is very important for your work. Proofread the research proposal in order to correct all mistakes. Also it is advisable to use linking words and phrases to improve the connectedness of the writing.
  • Keep the section simple. Your audience should be able to cope with your piece of writing that is why you should provide necessary definitions and explanations.
  • Your thesis statement should be established perfectly.
  • Research proposal should contain the most logical validation of the research. Find confirmation that this section is convincing.
  • Research proposals should answer the following questions:
    • What is the scientific importance of the research
    • What are you going to do to accomplish the task
    • What kind of project you have chosen