Research paper questions

What is a research paper question?

Why do students usually have problems with research paper writing? The reason is quite simple: they do not know the basic points of the academic writing. Writing the research paper is a standard assignment for students of all degrees. Particular research paper question is a center of the whole research work.

There are a lot of ways of getting the research paper question. You may start writing the research paper with a bread and butter question in mind. Respectively, your advisor can give you the research paper questions or you can develop your own question. In spite of everything you are to perform a solid research in order to answer the research paper question properly.

Types of research paper questions

As a matter of fact there are a lot of different types of research paper questions. For example:

  • “What” and “when” questions. These elaborative questions play important role for the research. Author that is trying to answer “what” and “when” questions would have a firm gasp of the facts that are necessary for the research. Nevertheless, these questions are considered to be additional ones. With its help you would have a possibility to add in-depth to your research paper.
  • General questions. They are also called “why” or “how” questions. This type of questions is essential because it requires an argumentation in the answer. “What” and “when” questions are the starting point of writing the research paper and more serious general questions follow them. Take into consideration that general questions that do not demand argumentation are improper.
  • General questions provide a good starting point for writing the research paper. Nevertheless you should proceed your research with more specific questions that require solid research. Now you have to narrow down the broad question in order to get more precious answer to your question. Good particular questions give you possibility to move towards thesis question and structure your research paper around it. During the research process you will have to refer back to the research paper question making adjustments according to it.

There are only two ways of gathering the information for the research. For one, you can collect information out of primary resources: books for instance. Also you can use secondary resource that provides objective information. Newspaper or magazine article is considered to be secondary resource of information.

Workable ideas concerning research paper questions

As you can see, research paper questions are essential for academic writing. That is why it is necessary to develop relevant and interesting question. Here are some useful ideas:

  • What are the most important issues in my field of subject?
  • Can I maintain that my literature review is solid and significant?
  • Can I say that my research paper issue is on the front burner?
  • Is my research paper question going to have a meaningful impact upon the field?