Research Paper Layout

The importance of research paper layouts

What do you know about research paper layout? Layout being an essential part of academic writing plays very important role in writing research papers. This is a pattern that should be followed for all research paper regardless of topic. All students should know about this pattern even if they are not going to stick to it.

Essential parts of research paper layout

Research paper layout usually has several steps of writing. It is appropriate to gather available information and make necessary preparations before writing these sections. Besides, a draft or outline would come in handy when writing layout.

  • The first part of the layout should be the cover page. Take into consideration that cover page may vary depending on the format of the research paper. There are a lot of available styles but it is preferable to use common format. For example, you can use MLA, APA or Chicago style. Remember that each style has its own rules and limitations. Also pay attention to the fact that research papers in MLA style do not have cover pages, all necessary information is placed on the first page of the paper.
  • In case if the research paper is long, layout includes table of contents. There you should mention each section of the research paper and page numbers for those sections.
  • Layout also calls for an abstract. Here you are to include summary of the whole research project.
  • The body in research paper layout consists of three main sections: introduction, main body of the research and conclusion. The introductory section includes thesis statement. The body layout includes the explanation of all main points of the research. Each point should have heading thus the audience will have a possibility to cope with the research paper. The conclusion in the outline sums up all the body paragraphs. A conclusion should prove that the objective has been met and concluded. The body of the research paper is a hard nut to crack and you should strain every nerve when writing it.
  • Due to research paper layout it is necessary to include references and appendices. Sometimes it is appropriate to add acknowledgement section, especially for dissertations. Of course, this section is not necessary for the logical structure of the research paper but it plays a vital role for the impression of the research paper.

The preferences of using research paper layouts

  • It provides necessary information about proper planning of the research paper.
  • It gives the possibility to hit the spot of accomplishing the task by giving useful pieces of advice concerning proper proportion of the main points of the body of research paper.
  • It is designed in order to simplify the work of writer and comprehension of a reader.
  • All instructors stick to the research paper layouts. When using layouts you can improve your chances for good marks.