Research methodology

What is a research methodology?

The key point of the methodology section is to accommodate your audience with a detailed report in how the research process was done. In here you have to state all methods that were used for gathering and analysing data for the research. In writing research methodology you should brightness to a focus on the technical approach in finding the appropriate resources for the analysis.

The importance of research methodology

Any research paper would be complete without methodology. In spite the fact that the importance of the methodology section is often underestimated, this part of the research paper is essential. Since here you have a possibility to describe the process of bringing the research off, methodology is essential for your audience.
As a matter of fact, the quality of the methodology determinates the fate of the whole research paper. You should do your best when writing this part of the research paper because research methodology faces the most thorough examination.

Research methodology essentials

Writing a research methodology is really complex process that requires a lot of concentration and research work.

  • Each methodology should contain short introductory paragraph where you should mention the issue of your research paper.
  • There are two essential parts of the research methodology. The first one is the data gathering stage. Here you should state all methods that you have used when collecting necessary information for the research. You can select appropriate methods among the available ways of collecting data, for example, data mining, surveying, interviewing or experimenting. Also it is advisable to provide explanations for each method that you have involved in the research process. In addition you may give feasibility for choosing particular methods.
  • The next stage is data analysis. You are to get acquainted with available methods for data analysis and choose the most appropriate ones. This stage depends mostly on the calculations; that’s why it is very important to choose suitable statistical tool for the data analysis. You can choose analysis of variance, descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing or confidence interval for instance. Proper methods of analysis can add scientific in-deep to the research.
  • Methodology section includes the list of equipment and materials used during the research process. In some cases you would use dissertation methodology examples in order to find workable ideas concerning detailed list of equipment.

Research methodology writing tips

Here are some useful tips on how to write research methodologies.

  • The appearance of this section is vital. Do not write long paragraphs. Try to use headings and subheadings instead. Thus your methodology will be logically structured and easy to understand.
  • Make an outline of this section in order to structure methodology in a logical manner. Numerous methodology outline templates can come in handy.
  • You do not have to add the results of the analysis to the data analysis stage. The research methodology serves as evidence that such analysis took place.
  • Check all the results in order to avoid mistakes. This is especially important in quantitative studies. Thus you can prove that your findings are solid and reliable.