Report Writing

Why do we need to write reports?

Writing reports is very important and complex procedure. Basically, reports are written documents which deal with specific information and are aimed for a certain group of readers. Reports usually contain information about the results and outcomes of various researches, investigations and other similar procedures.

Report writing practice is common for almost every sphere of human life, such as healthcare, science, education, commerce, law and many others. Specialists of all kinds are frequently asked to write reports concerning the work done or measures taken.

The final aim of every report is to inform the target audience about a certain fact or event, to justify certain measures, which have been taken, to express the necessity for actions, etc.

IMRAD and other writing issues

The process of writing reports implies a certain logical structure, which must be usually followed. This structure is called IMRAD which stands for: Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussions. It is possible to use other writing structures, but IMRAD is most common and widely used.

Report writer should not only provide the initial data concerning certain issue or problem, but also to suggest ways of solution and improvement of current situation, if needed.

In order to convey ideas to their readersб report writers usually use various tables, charts, pictures, footnotes, statistic data and even video materials. You can apply any additional information you want in order to prove your point of view.

Pros and cons of writing a report on your own

Writing reports is not that easy as it might seem. Writing a logical and well-thought report requires a lot of efforts and time.

Many businessmen and scientists prefer to write reports on their own. Personal involvement and necessary knowledge in a field largely contribute to the overall quality of the reports writing process. But writing is an exceptional gift, which is a rare virtue. That is why, people who carry out reports on their own and without any previous training write rather dim pieces. It is impossible to provide a descent report without knowing at least basic writing rules. People who have no such knowledge will not cope with their writing task peerlessly.

Frankly speaking, reading unprofessional reports is a real disaster. Thought main idea and overall content is clear, the general structure and narration is usually poor. The absence of logic and ill-conceived style lead to failure during the presentation or speech. Consequently, a person needs either to improve his basic academic writing skills, or leave the issue to professionals.

Stick to professionals

Speaking about professionals, custom writing agencies have recently made a great step forward in terms of quality and service. In addition to writing various research papers, projects and reports, they offer various writing classes and hold seminars in order to share knowledge in the sphere of reports writing and other important notions. It is never too late learn, so try to your knowledge through any possible way.