Professional Essay Writing

Tips How to Write an Essay Like a Pro

In most of the essay writing guide websites, you would find some ridiculous tips on professional essay writing. They will have something as this:

  • Introduction

This is the opening paragraph of your essay. In this paragraph, you state the thesis of your essay. You let your readers know what you are going to talk about and what your point is. It has to be interesting and forceful so that your readers are compelled to read the rest of the essay.

  • Body

The body can be composed of multiple paragraphs. In each paragraph, you would state one point and derive some conclusion from it. Every paragraph starts with a topic sentence that states the thesis of the paragraph, followed by the supportive sentences (information).

  • Conclusion

It is the closing paragraph of your essay. In this paragraph, you sum up all the most important points of your essay and write down the inference. You introduce no new points here that might need a detailed explanation. This is where you draw the line.

Well, the above passage does give us a complete idea of what introduction, body and conclusion is. But does it teach us professional essay writing. Let’s be honest. No, it doesn’t.

You don’t really learn writing in this manner. To write complete and informational essays, you have to first compose good essays. In fact, even before you write it down, you have to JUST jot down the essay ideas. It can be anything that comes in your mind. In most cases, putting the pen down on the paper and scribbling something, anything is the hardest part, and that’s where you will find your mind freeze and your hand paralyzed. You will quickly construe that you cannot write. But that isn’t true.

Unless you write, your creative juices don’t flow that easily. You have to prick them to make them succulent and functional. That’s why you must write every day. One easy way of keep practice is maintaining a daily journal of how you feel, think and do. Apart from the psychological support that it might give you at times, it sure improves your writing skills.

Now here you have to understand that just by scribbling a few words on paper doesn’t make you a writer. You don’t learn professional essay writing just by writing. Am I contradicting myself? No, I am adding a new point to it. When you are writing, you must do another important thing. You must study other’s works as well.

You must lay your hands on the best essay examples that you can get. Go to the nearby library and run a meticulous search. Browse over the internet. There are several sites where you will get sample essay works of master essay writers. Why do you need to study them? You will learn the variety of styles and in turn, get a feel of the scopes of essay writing. It will dawn upon you that it is still a creative expression in an artistic way.

And when the time comes, hope you write an essay as a proficient writer does.