Poverty Essay: Write about Roots of Poverty Clutching People of India

A Poverty Essay can be written for enlightening the condition of people in India.

India being a developing country, there are thousands of families still below the poverty line. Many children in India (Also see Essay on India) are suffering from absolute poverty, which means they do not have or cannot earn even their basic needs for a living. The most basic causes that lead a country into such conditions should be outlined in a Poverty Essay.

Causes of poverty:

The most basic reason for people of a country being economically poor is over population. Increasing growth of population leads to illiteracy, unemployment and uneven distribution of economy.
India being the second most populated country in the world,

1.   There are many villages and slums where schools and colleges do not reach.

2.    Hundreds of people remain either unemployed or not satisfied by their work profile.

3.    Because of the above two reasons millions of people are economically backward.

Another cause for poverty in any country could be corruption. The above mentioned three causes lead to a corrupt system. Because there is always greed and fight for money, corruption becomes inevitable. In the entire political system, starting from the small city-level to the country-level government bodies, most of the members are found corrupted. Corruption is also found in private companies and education systems. Also, poor people are most of the time exploited. Even though farmers produce plenty of crops throughout the year, their income is negligible and they can’t even educate their children properly. Due to corruption, wealth goes into the pockets of limited people instead of getting distributed equally. This ultimately makes the poor poorer and the rich richer.

Lack of country’s natural resources (Also see Nature Essay) and its poor management can also lead to a poor condition. It is in the hands of the people of the country to decide how they utilize the limited natural resources to uplift their lives and bring the country into prosperity. Such Poverty Essays may certainly help in bringing awareness among people to come out of the rags and get to the riches.

Proper education is necessary for a country’s overall growth. India has many scholarly people who can earn well. Such people can educate others to contribute in the progress of the nation. An educated person always finds his way of survival as well as development.

The effects of intense poverty in any country are the same. Unusual and unnecessary fights, riots, theft, kidnappings, killings, loot, etc spread among people when they undergo scarcity of basic resources. It may also lead to other vices, such as alcoholism, gambling and intake of drugs. It also increases prostitution and beggary among women (Also see Essay on Women) and children. It reduces love and loyalty; increases gluttony and unfaithfulness. Poverty wipes out hope and spark of living. It brings depression and pain.

There are large slum areas in India where people live and suffer from all the above mentioned dilemmas. While writing such Poverty Essays the writer must try to reach the minds of all prosperous people of India who stay satisfied with their wealth without caring about the poor.