Poetry Essays: Take Out your Poetic Licence

An Easy Guide to Learn How to Write Poetry Essays.

The simplest way to describe a Poetry Essay is as an essay that evaluates poems. Such an essay takes a deep look at the words, sounds and emotions used in a poem. It then analyzes the way in which they are used and expressed. This type of essay must analyze the topic of the poem and the message that the poem is trying to convey. Equally important are the words used and the rhythm that the poem has created. Besides all this, the essay must have a proper introduction as well as a conclusion. Take a look at some essay tips:

Tips to Help with Your Essay Writing

Begin your essay with an introductory paragraph that introduces the poem that you are writing about. Give the name of the poem and the poem’s author. This should be followed by a concise summary of the content of the poem. If, for example, your essay is based on Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Raven’, your concise summary would bring out the fact that the poem’s author is longing for the love he has lost.

The next step in writing Poetry Essays consists in describing the language of the poem as well as the imagery used by the author. Mention the kind of vocabulary used by the poet. Describe the vocabulary; is it precise, is it vivid, does it make the reader picture images that are detailed? Talk about the literary devices that are used in the poem. Do these devices bring out the meaning of the poem? Bring out these points by explaining specific parts of the poem and analyzing particular sections of the poem.

Your essay should also talk about the poetry sounds as well as the poetry sense. How does the poet accomplish the creation of rhythm in the poem? What words are used in the poem by the author to bring out sounds? How does the author express the image of these sounds? Your Poetry Essay should convey whether the poet has managed to use words that appeal to all the five senses of the people reading the poem.

Discuss the depth of the feelings and emotions expressed in the poem. Talk about the mood that you felt when you read the poem. What sort of mood or emotion did the author invoke in you when you read the poem? Take for example again, the poem ‘The Raven’. An essay based on this poem would talk about how the poet used words that were melancholy in nature and thus created a mood full of sorrow and hopelessness for the reader.

Once you have completed all these steps, finish your Poetry Essay by giving it a great conclusion. The concluding paragraph should bring out what the author of the poem intended to achieve. You need to mention whether the author succeeded in this mission. Talk about the ways in which the author did, or did not, achieve his goal and support your opinion with examples taken from the poem.