Outline for Persuasive Essays

Follow the Right Outline When Writing Persuasive Essays

When writing Persuasive Essays it is necessary foryou to create a good essay outline before starting your main work. An essay outline will help you to lay down your argument in a logical manner and will also aid you in identifying the other side of your argument. Take a look at how to create a good essay outline for this particular type of essay.

  • Begin by stating and defining the main argument of your essay. Make sure you know what you are trying to persuade your readers to believe. If you are not clear about what your main idea is, dwell on it for a while until you reach some sort of clarity on this aspect.
  • Persuasive Essays require a thesis statement. Write down the thesis statement for your essay in your outline. Your thesis statement is a single sentence that provides a detailed explanation of your main argument. In most cases, writers use this sentence as the final line in their essay intro. Your thesis statement should be at the top of your essay outline.
  • Write down a couple of statements (two to four) that validate your thesis statement. These should be the main arguments of your essay.
  • Now you need to write down an example or a fact under each of these arguments. The reason for these examples or facts is that they help you to prove that the statements of your arguments are correct.
  • Writers of Persuasive Essays must give due consideration to the opposing arguments that can be made to their argument statements. Think about the opposite argument for every one of your essay argument statements. Put yourself in the shoes of your readers. Think about what points they would bring up when trying to prove that your arguments are wrong. Think about the ways in which people could disagree with you and the points they could make. Write down these opposing points under each of your statements and label them as opposing statements.
  • Now include a rebuttal for every opposing statement that you have come up with under each of your argument statements. This is very important as this is the data that you will need to use in order to defend your thesis statement against the opposing points made by your readers.

Once you follow these simple steps, you are well on your way to writing great Persuasive Essays. You can begin writing your first essay paragraph with the help of your thesis statement. Your essay should contain a separate paragraph for every argument statement. This includes the opposing statement as well as the rebuttal. Once this is done, write a paragraph on your essay conclusion. Your conclusion should tie up the entire essay and summarize all the main points of your essay in a concise manner. If you are unsure about writing such an essay and require some guidance, take a look at a reputed essay writing service. Here we are writing the brilliant argumentative essay samples 24/7, without days-off!

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