Persuasive Essay Topics & Writing Format – Made Easy for All

While writing persuasive essay, you need to PERSUADE the readers!

In the field of essay writing, one of the ultimate forms of essay is persuasive essay or argumentative essay writing. Unlike the descriptive essays, it is not about defining something. Neither it is similar to a narrative essay that narrates incidents. This is even different from a personal essay where you talk about your personal experiences. It uses logic, rather than emotion. It is all about finding out facts, comparing them, and deciding which one is more legitimate.

But you are not allowed to change the core value of an essay. This essay is also about rendering your opinion on something. But in this case, you are not just bringing up some imaginative story to prove something or writing your feelings about any particular matter. You are talking about hard facts and proofs here. Actually you are up to persuading another person that is your reader, to think in your way. And through your essay, you are giving him complete reason on why you are right about something.

Persuasive essay writing is easy. All you have to do is just follow some basic simple steps.

The very first thing that you need to decide for any essay topic is which side you are in. Unless you know what you want from the essay, you cannot write it properly! This is called clarity of thought, so important in an essay of this genre.

After you decide your side, you should start to research on facts and proofs that support your point of view. Learn to look at the same subject from different viewpoints. That should give depth and power to your essay.

That’s not all. When you are writing a persuasive essay, one important piece of game is to know what rebuttals can work best. You should know the beliefs and values of the people who will stand opposite you. They will have certain solid points against your views. You should be ready to disprove their thoughts through your essay. You should state the topic sentence, the proofs and facts, the opposing statements in the supporting lines and then derive the conclusion. That is how each paragraph is structured.

After you have done thorough research on the topic, what remains is how you frame the whole essay. And remember, this phase of the writing process is very important. Unless your presentation is strong enough, it will not be able to convince your readers, which is the sole aim of your persuasive essay. Start with a strong point and end with a stronger one. You can put the weaker points in the body of your essay. When you start strong, you grasp the attention and make them weak. They are already pulled onto your way of thinking, your side. And when you finish it with a sturdy point, the game is over.

That sounds pretty young and devilish, right? Well, that’s how powerful your persuasive essay should be. Put all these tricks into practice and come up with the most compelling essay ever.

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