Persuasive Essay

Tips and Ideas for Writing a Persuasive Essay

A Persuasive Essay

In order to create a persuasive essay, it is necessary to understand the purpose of such an essay. Persuasive essays, also referred to by the name of argument essays, are a style of writing where logic and reason are utilized to prove that one particular idea is more legitimate that any other idea. The aim of such an essay is to convince readers to accept a specific point of view or to carry out a certain action. This is done by incorporating good reasoning and proper evidence through the provision of factual information, logic, reasoning, examples and relevant quotations.

Steps for Writing a Persuasive Paper

  • Select your side of the issue or problem that you are planning to write about. Decide on the kind of solution you are going to provide. Be aware of your essay purpose.
  • When writing a persuasive essays, you must spend time analysing your readers. Decide if your readers will take your side, disagree with your point of view or remain neutral.
  • Research topics for your persuasive essay. You need to find specific evidence to support your arguments. You cannot rely only on knowledge and experience; you will have to take the effort of going through different types of resource materials and may even have to interview people who are considered experts in your chosen topic.
  • Persuasive essays, like all other types of essays, must be appropriately structured. Create an essay outline and decide the order in which your evidence will be presented. Keep in mind the purpose, audience and topic of your essay.

General Topics for Persuasive Writing

In order to start a persuasive essay, you must have a good topic for your essay in mind. Take a look at some general essay topics for a number of different subjects and then try and come up with a great topic of your own.

  • Business and Computer Science

• Convince a friend to do your homework for you.
• Persuade your sister to get over her fear of computers.
• Convince an elderly relative to join a computer class.
• Persuade the school board to provide free Internet access in every classroom.

  • Fine Arts

• Convince your professor to give you the star role in the next school play.
• Persuade your art professor to let you choose the topic of your art project.
• Convince your music teacher to let you learn a new instrument.
• Persuade your classmate to learn her lines for the drama play more fluently.
• Convince your art professor to allow you to draw in your own natural style.

  • Languages

• Persuade your Hispanic friends to speak to you only in Spanish.
• Persuade your mother to let you go to Paris as part of your class trip.
• Convince the principal not to get rid of the Latin club.

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