What Is a Persuasive Essay?

Tips and Steps for Writing a Strong Persuasive Essay.

Persuasive Essay

A Persuasive Essay uses logic to persuade readers that a particular argument is correct. Such an essay is also known as an argument essay. The purpose of such types of essays is to persuade readers to accept a specific opinion on an argument. Naturally, arguments made in such essays must be based on sound reasoning. The arguments made must also be supported by concrete evidence. This means a good essay must provide hard facts, logical explanations, supportive examples as well as quotes made by experts.

Steps for writing an argument essay

1. Pick your position. This means decide which side of the issue you are going to base your Persuasive Essay on. Make up your mind regarding the kind of solution you plan to offer. Always keep in mind the purpose of your essay.

2. Get a good understanding of your target audience. Analyze and decide whether your readers would be more likely to agree with your views, remain neutral or support an opposing opinion.

3. Conduct proper research on your essay topic. An essay that is supposed to persuade its readers must contain evidence that is both, specific and well as convincing. Lots of times it becomes critical that you go way beyond your comfort zone and dig out evidence that surpasses your own knowledge. This can be achieved by taking a trip to the library or interviewing people who are renowned experts in the field related to your choice of topic.

4. Ensure that you create a proper essay structure or essay outline. Find out what sort of evidence you need to incorporate in your Persuasive Essay and the order in which you will be presenting it. Always remember to keep in mind your essay purpose, your readers and your essay topic.

5. Read up thoroughly on every aspect of your essay topic. Increase your knowledge on your topic by researching it with the help of legitimate sources. Pen down notes if you find doing so to be helpful.

6. Test your argument by ensuring that it is debatable. Every argument has two sides; make sure that your argument has an opposing side to it. See if you can create an argument that opposes your point of view. This will prove that your argument can be debated upon.

7. Once you have an opposing argument, you need to disprove it. To do this, you need to first understand the opposing argument. Once you have a good sense of where that argument is coming from, you can counter it by providing solid evidence that disproves it. Another way to counter an opposing argument is by pinpointing or highlighting errors or inconsistencies in the logic of the argument.

If you want your Persuasive Essay to persuade your readers, you must support your argument extremely well. There are different ways to support your argument; you can use facts, statistics, quotes and even examples. If you are worried about writing such an essay, you could consider checking out an essay writing service. Good luck!