Peace Essay: Achieving World Peace

Attain Global Peace in this Multi-Cultural World Through a Peace Essay

Peace EssayWhile the world is in constant pressure of terrorism (See Terrorism Essay), an Essay on peace would certainly help to rejuvenate better thoughts among people. Hatred and violence has taken over the world’s peaceful atmosphere. In today’s world a Peace Essay is a necessary way to enlighten the minds of people and to broaden their views.

The key to have a peaceful world and surroundings is to understand the following behaviors:

  • Understanding:

Once people start understanding each other, they would begin developing high viewpoints about the others. Respect and non-interference usually come automatically through

  • Respect:

Respecting other people includes respecting their nature and culture too. The popular belief says if you respect others, others will respect you back. Being patient and understanding every situation in life are the main aspects you should consider to develop maturity in your behavior. This maturity will definitely bring self-respect and will make you value other individuals too.

  • Non-aggression:

Keeping your attitude calm and peaceful helps, you maintain that composure which turns your decision making into extremely non-aggressive. It is crystal clear that harsh speech and insulting words always bring quarrels and conflicts. To reduce such conditions, people should avoid anger and hatred towards other religions, cultures, civilizations, states and countries.

  • Non-interference:

“Mind your own business” just suits this topic. It does not mean that you should not help others in their difficulties and keep yourself tied to your environment.
Everybody should mix up with the world, but at the same time, it is vital not to interfere
into others’ work, cultural habits, religious matters, properties and daily life.

  • Equality:

This is the most important thing to understand. Being polite and behaving well with others never hurts. Considering everyone equal should be the main aspect explained in a Peace Essay. God is one and all religions preach the same.

In this fast developing world, a person does not have his own peace of mind; how is he supposed to contribute to the world peace? It is necessary to first have peace inside yourself and your home. This will naturally allow you to be serene and peaceful in the outside world too. Peace is something everyone wants, but no one exactly knows how to achieve it. Writing Peace Essays is easy while connecting with people and making them appreciate such essays is much difficult.

Someone has appropriately said “Peace is the mother (Also see Mother Essay) of progress”. A country’s condition can never improve if there are internal conflicts among its populace. Understanding and respect are extremely necessary to bring peace into the society.

Another important way of bringing harmony in the world is through educating people. Educated people make fewer conflicts and easily understand situations. Such people stay away from others’ issues and concentrate on their daily activities. An empty mind is a room for bad and negative thoughts. Such negative thoughts direct people to the wrong paths. More and more arguments and clashes occur amid less or uneducated people because they do not have the sense to differentiate between right and wrong. Thus, educated people may also help achieve world peace. Once you are assigned to write an argumentative essay, your inner voice has to whisper “”!

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