Opinion Essay

Express Your Point of View through an Opinion Essay.

The point of an opinion essay is to express your opinion on the topic of your choice, which is normally a controversial issue. The purpose of such an essay is to persuade your readers that your opinion is correct; this is done by justifying your point of view with the help of arguments. In order to write a persuasive essay you need to conduct thorough research and give a lot of thought to your choice of topic before selecting one. These essays should be interesting to read as well as properly balanced. Your opinion, as well as the opposing view must be properly laid out. The opposing position should present what readers normally feel about the essay topic.

A well rounded essay is one that is supported with evidence. The arguments in your essay must be backed up with research, proof, statistics, as well as an in depth understanding of the problem. You may also make use of quotes; however keep in mind that quotes should be used sparingly and should not distract readers from the main aim of the essay.

When it comes to topic selection, you can base such an essay on the theme of your choice, providing there is a clear stance for you to take. It is advisable that you do not select a vague issue where it would be difficult for you to take a position.

For effective essay writing, try and search for a statistic that makes an impact. This will successfully bring out the seriousness of the topic that you are discussing. In the introduction part of your essay, try and place a quote for an expert. Make sure you introduce this expert properly before quoting him. Emphasize the main misconception that your opinion essays are based on. Provide all the background information necessary for readers to follow and understand you essay.

It would also be a good idea to place a concise anecdote or narrative that will highlight your reasons for choosing the essay topic. For essays that require self reflection, bring out your own experiences. If you are writing a research paper, use the narrative to describe a general world scenario. In case of a Science paper, be sure to discuss the most important scientific concepts and casually refer to relevant literature.
Also, while writing your essay, ensure that you avoid certain common mistakes. Take a look at three common mistakes that you should never make:

  • Never provide definitions from the dictionary, especially of words that your readers are aware of.
  • Never repeat the specifications of your essay in your teacher’s words.
  • Never give out details and exhaustive explanations that should really be placed in the paragraphs of your main body.

Remember, writing an essay that states your opinion is very different from writing a descriptive essay, narrative essay or any other type of essay. The purpose of an opinion essay is to pick a particular side of a problem and debate it through your writing. To achieve this, you must make sure that you validate your arguments with thoroughly researched facts and evidence.

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