Nature Essay: Learn How to Describe the Beauty of Nature

Allow Mother Nature to bring out the writer in you and give your tribute to nature

The word ‘nature’ is an extremely broad word. It encompasses everything from the creatures that live in the sea to the humans that inhabit planet Earth. When writing a Nature Essay, it is important that you determine the length of the essay before you begin. This is because nature has a multitude of topics and with the resources at our disposal today, the information available for such an essay would be limitless. Needless to say, nature is a great choice of topic for a short as well as a lengthy essay.

When it comes to any kind of essay writing, it is always advisable to write about what you know. This holds true even when you write about nature. Look for places where you will find a good source of information for your essay. For those living in the city, the zoo or museum of natural history are great places to conduct research and get your Nature Essay in gear. Another way to get great information is by watching programs such as National Geographic. Your neighbourhood park or even your very own backyard can also provide you with a surprising wealth of information. And of course, no essay would be complete without a trip to the library.

To really write an excellent essay on nature, you need to truly communicate with nature. You need to try and become one with the natural world and be aware of your environment (Also see Environment Essay). Spending time on a farm would be a great way to gather material for your work. Watching horses, cows and chicken go about their daily routine will teach you a lot about their characteristics, eating habits and pattern of lifestyle. And don’t forget, nature is not just about animals. Nature consists of both fauna as well as flora. Study the world of plants and be amazed with this fascinating part of nature.

The best apart about writing a Nature Essay is that you can gather material at any time of the year. Different times of the year provide you with new insights and a fresh perspective. Take a walk in the woods during summer and drink in the sights and sounds that are intertwined with the season. Notice how when one flower dies and falls to the ground, another one blooms with its own vibrant colour. Nature awakens you the natural cycle of life and death (Also see Death Essay).

Observe the beauty of the autumn season and watch how the leaves change colour and float softly to the ground. These fallen leaves form mulch, the life source for all that grows in spring. Watch how animals like the ants and squirrels fend for their survival in the cold winter months by scavenging for food and protecting their harvest.

Every season brings with it a different side of nature. The world of nature is a fascinating one and Mother Nature is a teacher with a new lesson for us to learn any time of the year. Just remember, before you begin writing your Nature Essay, spend some time observing your surroundings and try to learn more about whatever part of nature catches your eye.

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