Nature Essay: Nature, as the Physical Universe

Writing a Nature Essay and Understanding the Effects of Human Interference in it.

A Nature Essay is an extremely huge topic because it includes everything from living beings like, insects, humans, animals, birds and plants, to non-livings beings like, mountains, rocks, rivers, earth, etc. Nature means everything around us that is not man-made. A writer needs to have keen observation and interest in this subject to put it on paper. It is not necessarily easy for a person who loves or enjoys nature, to describe it in words.

Considering nature as the physical universe, a writer can explain the earth, atmosphere, the water bodies, life- in general, ecosystems, matter and human beings.

All natural things follow the Nature’s Cycle of “Growth and Decay”. Everything that grows dies one day and then decays to get back to the soil. This decayed stuff provides raw material for the other growing plants, animals and people, directly or indirectly. This cycle goes on and on, infinitely.

Nature provides food and shelter for all living beings to survive. Even today, in many parts of the world, people worship nature as God. They adore nature and do not spoil or destroy it. Some plants and animals are considered incarnation of God.

Beyond the earth, the solar system, the stars, planets, galaxies, etc. can also be included in a Nature Essay. Like plants and animals, they also follow the cycle of Growth and Decay.

In olden times, man used to hunt animals for a living. This continued for many years after which people realized the reduction in number of certain breeds of animals. This led to a prohibition on animal hunting throughout the world. Even now, not only the tribal people, but even educated people having high position in society, kill animals for various reasons. Animals are slain to obtain meat, fur, leather, bones, etc.  Mammoths, tigers, lions, bears, red pandas and many other species of animals are either extinct or have started being wiped out. Not only this, but even plants are being destroyed worldwide. Forests, once widespread, now appear in small patches. They are being demolished for various purposes. Destroying forests is another cause for the destruction of wild life too.

In a Nature Essay, the writer should take account of many facts that prove man’s interference in the natural life cycle. In this industrial era, smoke coming out from vehicles, factories, machines, etc. is spoiling the atmosphere and deteriorating it. Pollution is taking over every corner of the earth becoming a threat for terrestrial as well as aquatic wildlife. It is spreading everywhere, air, water and soil. Due to chopping down of a large amount of plantation, the environment is getting worse everyday. Trees, which are responsible for purifying the air and also for preventing soil erosion, are now in negligible numbers.

Humans are responsible for all the above mentioned problems. Because of this irresponsible behavior of man towards nature, climatic conditions are changing every year and the earth is suffering from global warming, unseasonal rains, earthquakes, etc.

In this modernized world, people want to work fast and attain things quickly, but they do not understand that the energy to work comes from nature, which they are ruining relentlessly. A Nature Essay would certainly help to realize this.

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