What is a Narrative Essay?

A Helpful Guide to Writing a Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay

The goal of a Narrative Essay is to tell a story or a part of a story. Narrative writing is a type of essay writing that recreates an experience. This experience can be one which you have personally experienced yourself, in the past or the present, or it can be something that was experienced by someone else. Besides narrating a story, such essay types also convey an important central idea or valuable lesson.

Steps to Begin Your Essay

1. Decide on the experience that you want to relate.
2. Identify the significance of this experience.
3. Note down everything you remember about the experience.
4. Create an essay outline of the basic parts of your story.

Characteristics of Narrative Writing

Narrative Essay writing has a number of general characteristics. These characteristics are:

1. Plot Structure

The plot structure includes the following points:

• Introduction
• Rising action
• Climax
• Falling action
• Resolution

2. Conflict
3. Characterization
4. Placement
5. Theme
6. Opinion
7. Sequencing
8. Transitions

Most narrative essays contain these elements. When you write your paper, you should try and ensure that your essay contains these basic characteristics.

Popular Narrative Topics

You can only begin writing your narrative paper once you have selected a topic for your essay. take a look at a few popular Narrative Essay topics:

1. Write an essay on your most favourite celebration. Explain the reasons for this celebration being the best one ever.

2. Identify a time when you felt really nervous. It could be anything from your very first plane ride experience to the first time you stayed at a sleepover at a friend’s place. Describe what happened and write about your experience.

3. Describe a fictional account in which you eye witnessed a historical event.

4. Find a great piece of narrative writing and explain the various factors that made it into such an excellent example.

Prompts for Narrative Writing

If you are finding it difficult to come up with an interesting experience for your Narrative Essay and need some essay help, take a look at some of the following prompts for narrative essay writing. These prompts may jog your memory and help you remember an interesting experience from your past.

1. A childhood event – Try and remember an incident where you learned something for the first time as a child.

2. Achieving a goal – Identify a very significant or meaningful achievement in your life. This should be something that was significant enough to make an impression on your life.

3. A failure – Failure is not always a bad thing. Sometimes a failure can lead to one of your biggest learning experiences. You can write about an experience where you failed at something and what it taught you.

4. A good or bad deed – Good and bad deeds make for very interesting narrative writing! Think about an unselfish act that you carried out or write about a time when you did the wrong thing.

5. A change in your life – Think about a huge change that occurred in your life. It could be anything from shifting houses to falling in love to the loss of a loved one.