Rules for MLA Format Essay

Write an MLA Format Essay the Right Way

The Modern Language Association style, also known as the MLA style, is normally used to write essay papers and cite sources with respect to the liberal arts and humanities. This essay format style has a number of rules that must be stringently followed. Take a look at some of the rules that must be followed in order to write an MLA Format Essay.

Purpose of MLA Format

The MLA style of essay writing lays down specific guidelines that must be followed for the purpose of manuscript formatting. These guidelines must also be followed in order to correctly use the English language in its written form. This style also provides a system for source referencing through parenthetical citation in the writer’s essays and Works Cited page. The most important aspect of the MLA format is that its usage protects writers from being accused of plagiarism.

General Guidelines for MLA Formatting

  • Every MLA Format Essay must be printed on standard, white paper that is 8.5 x 11 inches.
  • The essay text must be double spaced. A clear font must be used like Times New Roman, in which the regular and italic styles can be distinctly told apart. The font size must be 12.
  • A single space must be left following periods and other punctuation marks.
  • The page margins must be set at 1 inch on every page side.
  • Paragraphs first lines must be indented one half inch away from the margin on the left. It would be best to use the Tab key rather than press the Space Bar five times.
  • Create a header. Use the header to consecutively number all the pages of your essay in the upper right hand corner. The numbers must be one half inch from the top. They should be flush with the right hand side margin.
  • The titles of longer works in your essay should be in italic style. Italic style can also be used when absolutely required in order to provide emphasis.
  • Any endnotes must be placed on a separate page that appears before the Works Cited page of your essay. This section must be titled as Notes and placed in the center without formatting.

Rules for the First Page

    • There should be no title page for your MLA Format Essay unless your professor has requested it.
    • Your name, instructor’s name, the course and the date must be listed on the first page, top left corner with double spacing.
    • Double space and place your title, in Title Case, in the center. There should be no underlining, no use of italics and no quotation marks. Italics and quotation marks should be used to refer to other works in your title.
    • There should be double spacing between the title and the text’s first line.
    • You must create a header in the top right corner. This header must contain your last name, a space, and then the page number. Look at point number 6 of general guidelines for formatting instructions.

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