MLA essay format

The importance of appropriate academic research paper styles

Academic writing is an essential part of educational process. Formats play important role in accomplishing this assignment. The knowledge of different styles is very significant because the chosen format influences the guideline to your writing. That is why it is necessary to get acquainted with rules and limitations of research paper styles. MLA essay format is considered to be one of the most popular among scholars.

How to use proper essay formats

As you know, different styles are used for particular fields of study. More importantly, you should choose the appropriate style with great precaution because some subjects require circumscribed styles. This article contains useful tips concerning appropriate usage of MLA essay format.

Fields of study where MLA essay format is required

Be aware of the fact that if you choose proper style for your essay it would be of great success. For this reason you should know what fields of study require MLA format. These are:

  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Linguistics

As far as you can see, MLA is usually used for the topics in humanities and liberal arts.

Essential points of MLA essay format

Modern Language Association (MLA) Style is not so strict comparing to APA or other formats. Thuswise this style is considered to be one of the most popular. MLA essay format gives writers an opportunity to maintain themselves from accusations of plagiarism through the system of parenthical citations in their essays.

In general you have wide latitude of action; nevertheless, there are still a lot of rules and limitations concerning citations and references. Here are essential peculiarities of MLA essay format:

  • The most appropriate font for essay with such format is the one that is easy to read. 12-font sized Times New Roman could be ideal font for the essay. Take into consideration that you should not use scripted fonts because they are hard to read.
  • You should pay attention to the spacing requirements of the format. All margins – top, bottom, and sides – should be set to one inch throughout the whole paper. You should not add extra spaces between the heading and the title and the same goes with extra spaces between the body and the title.
  • Only the first page includes the whole heading and title. Here you should mention these essential points:
    • Your full name.
    • Your instructors name.
    • Course title and number.
    • Date of submission.
  • In-text citations of this style are simple. You have to mention the author’s last name and the page number only. An additional information concerning data chosen for your essay should be placed at the end of the essay under the heading “Works Cited”.

MLA essay format writing assistance

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