Love Essay

Learn the Art of Writing a Love Essay

Writing a love essay is a thrilling and exciting task. When such an assignment is handed out to students, professors normally make an attempt to learn more about the personality of their students. They also make an effort to learn what their students’ assume about love; this helps them learn about their students’ general perspective and attitude with regards to life.

When it comes to this kind of essay writing, the two most important requirements are sincerity and presentation accuracy. For this reason, an essay on love fulfils both personal as well as academic goals. The writer of the essay improves and sharpens his skills in terms of writing and also gains a deeper perspective on life. Professors too, gain as they get to learn more about the personality and character of the writer.

Essay does not fall into any one specific category. It can come under almost any category depending on the writer’s outlook. If a writer wants to write about the definition of love, the essay will fall under the category of a definition essay. On the other hand, if the writer wishes to express his opinion on love, it will fall under the heading of an opinion essay. Again, if a writer describes vivid examples that support a thesis statement, then such an essay will be along the lines of an illustration essay.

It is also important to remember that there are many kinds of love. Friendship, the feeling of love towards our friends is one such kind of love. Another type of love is the one felt for our family – our parents, siblings and other family members. The bond between woman and man is another very strong kind of love. Last but not the least, the bond between mother, as in mother essay, and child is a very strong bond and a very powerful kind of love.

Regardless of the type of love you decide to write about, when you begin writing your love essays, you should consider keeping the following points in mind:

  • Select a topic.
  • Make sure your thoughts and ideas have clarity.
  • Pen down an organised thesis statement.
  • Give due consideration to arguments that support your thesis.
  • Place your points with respect to an introduction, the main body and a conclusion.
  • Proofread before sending.

When writing an essay on love, you should try to capture the attention of the reader. In order to achieve this, you could try to begin your essay with a romantic quote. You could also consider basing your essay on a famous piece of romantic literature. Ask your professor if you could incorporate a couple of romantic pictures or drawings in your essay. This will give your essay a romantic visual impact.

You can also give your essay a personal touch by describing a meaningful, memorable experience that you have encountered at some point in your life. Such personal experiences reach out to readers and allow them to relate to the incident described. Most importantly, your love essay should be written your way.