Tips to Write a Literary Essay

A Simple Guide to Good Literary Essay Writing

Literary Essay

A Literary Essay is a very subjective and extremely interesting piece of writing. The most difficult part about writing this essay is taking the effort to read and understand the literature piece. Reading a poem or short story is relatively simple, but reading a famous novel or fictional piece of writing requires time, patience and perseverance. When you write a literary paper, make sure you incorporate the three most important elements: style, subtext and structure.

1. Style
The style of a Literary Essay is informal. It’s best to use simple language and frame easy to understand sentences. Naturally, in this type of essay you have to use references. Make sure you cite the author correctly and do not plagiarise.

2. Subtext
In this type of essay, subtext is required to describe the story plot. This subtext should not be in summary form, it should be in analysis form. Select the most informative information and discuss the main characters.

3. Structure
An essay outline is a very important part of your essay. This is where you point out your thesis statement as well as explain the most interesting parts in the essay intro. Provide the reasons for selecting your topic, note down the most interesting details of your essay body and make points for your conclusion.

In order to write a good Literary Essay, take a look at some easy steps for your essay writing:

1. Understand the literary piece
This means you need to read your literary piece several times, until you have understood it completely. This piece could have great importance; it could have changed history, caused an epiphany or led someone to shed tears of laughter or joy. You need to ensure that you are aware of all the subtleties provided by the author of the piece of literature. You also need to research the author as well as the time period in which the work was written.

2. Conduct research
Conducting research is a way of gathering evidence. Your essay is an argument for a particular interpretation of the work that you are analyzing. The main aim of your essay is to get your reader to agree that your interpretation is the correct one. This can be done by gathering evidence to support the claims of your argument. Highlight parts of the literature piece that support your arguments so that you can refer to these parts easily at a later time.

3. Create the outline
This is the part where the structure of your essay comes in. Start segregating all your research and thoughts into different relevant areas. Create your outline and place all your information in the right areas.

4. Begin your essay
Now you can start writing your Literary Essay! However before you begin, make sure you are familiar with the essay format style required by your professor. Begin your essay with a clear introduction that will grab the attention of all your readers. Make sure your paragraphs lead into each other smoothly and work on a great conclusion.

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