What is an Illustration Essay?

How to Create an Illustration Essay.

Illustration Essay

The purpose of an Illustration Essay is to illustrate something. Usually, you would be given a particular topic on which to write such types of essays. In this kind of essay you need to provide a number of different examples to support your point of view. A well written illustration paper is very similar to a narrative essay, though illustration papers contain a lot more examples. In order to grab the attention of your readers you need to pump your essay full of appealing, descriptive and relevant illustrations. There are three main kinds of illustrations that you can include in your essay. These types are:

1. Specific illustrations: This type of illustration is an example taken from a personal experience. If your essay were about accidents, you could provide an example of an accident that was faced by you personally. Discuss what caused the accident and how it was dealt with.

2. Typical illustrations: This type of example is a generic illustration. It can be used in many ways for various topics. Let us assume that you are writing an essay on accidents. In this case, a typical example would be stating that the majority of accidents occur in the house.

3. Hypothetical illustrations: This kind of illustration is nothing more than an invented example. Taking again a case in which your essay is about accidents, a hypothetical example would be to discuss the kind of circumstances in which an accident may occur.

The outline of an illustration paper follows the basic essay format of introduction, body and conclusion. However, there is one big difference in terms of evidence between this type of essay and other essays. In an Illustration Essay the majority of the evidence is provided with the incorporation of illustrations that validate your argument. Very simply put, in an illustration paper, your mission is to make your readers visualize, by way of your illustrations, the effectiveness of your essay arguments. Take a look at four great tips to write your essay.

Four tips for writing an illustration type essay

1. Begin by choosing an essay topic that is interesting. An interesting topic helps to quickly grab the attention of readers.
2. Select a topic that you are interested in. This will make your essay writing experience enjoyable.
3. Your essay topic needs to be concrete. Do not select abstract objects to write your essay on.
4. Your essay topic needs to be wide spread enough to incorporate a large number of examples. Take a look at some good topics for your illustration paper.

Some good topics for your Illustration Essay

• Organizational Behaviour and De-motivation
• The Media and the Framing of Crime
• The Problems of the Self in a Postmodern Context
• Lesson Strategies
• The Mobile-Phone Market and Assessing Risk
• College Is Important
• How Effective Organizational Communication Can Reduce the Backlash
• Youth Crime and Punishment

You can write a great Illustration Essay as long as you pay attention to your format and content. If you need help writing such an essay, you could look at an essay writing service for guidance.

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