History Essay Writing Tips

Valuable Tips on Writing An Interesting History Essay

Like any other essay, a history essay starts with an Introduction, continues with a Body and then ends with a conclusion. I believe, in any essay, Introduction and Conclusion are the most important contents. An interesting and eye-catching introduction forces a reader to get attached to the essay and read more and more of it. Also, a striking and thrilling conclusion arrests the attention of the reader and even though the Body of the essay is not so good, the writer will gain at least and average score in the reader’s eye.

In a history essay, the writer must have complete and detailed knowledge about the topic he is writing about. For example, if one has to write an essay on Adolf Hitler, they must know about him or if they don’t, they should acquire more and more details about Adolf Hitler from various sources like history books, magazines, novels, internet, etc. Sometimes the question seems too obvious, but still many writers go off-track while writing essays on history.

History is all about real facts that happened in lives of real people. One cannot write on the basis of assumptions, estimations and thoughts. One should be able to answer or write all major facts related to the topic. History essays are based on Thesis. The following is the content that is necessary in this kind of essay writing.

  • Introduction

This is where the direct answers to the essay topics or questions go. It should be brief and up to the point. The introduction should contain your thesis statement and should precisely, and in-short, explain what comes in the body of the essay.

  • Body

Here one needs to elaborate the introduction part. Evidence about each fact and happening should be discussed in detail in this part of the essay. Things should not go haywire, but each statement in the body should relate to what is mentioned in the introduction. Some writers drift away from the main topic and write things which do not correspond to the statements made in introduction, which in any case, should not happen. Unnecessarily flowery language should be avoided as far as possible. Everything should be written in simple language that can be understood by most people.

The body of History essays can be composed in three different ways:

  1. Facts explained in Sequential manner: In this approach the facts mentioned in the introduction are explained sequentially in detail.
  2. Facts explained in Categorical manner: In this approach the facts are categorized and then each category is explained in detail.
  3. Facts explained in Developmental stages: This approach is used in case of explaining complicated development phases.
  • Conclusion

This has to be brief, compact and general. Instead of writing about many things separately, one should consider them as a single topic and write about it in an overall sense. At the end some of your own opinions can be mentioned. Certain historical facts deserve criticism. But that should be done in a mild language avoiding use of harsh words. One should conclude a history essay keeping in mind that history is the mirror of our present.