Food Essay: Express Your Love for Food

Describe the foods that tantalize you through a food essay.

When a food lover is told to select a topic for an essay, the choice is easy. Write a food essay! This type of essay writing really stands out because it is so different from all the other types of essays normally selected. These days it has become the norm for students to base their essays on their life history, their point of view on issues and other such topics. It is surprising that essays on food are not written as frequently, considering food is something that every human being requires to survive!

When it comes to writing an essay on food, there is a huge range of subject matter that can be incorporated in your essay. It is very likely that you will land up being confused regarding what sort of essay on food you should write. One possible choice of subject could be discussing how a particular food makes you feel. You could also write about what a certain food makes you think when you eat it. This type of food essay is similar to an opinion essay; your main theme will revolve around how a particular food affects you. You can select a dish or even a food item and then build your essay on the basis of how you feel when you eat that food or dish.

Another option for your essay would be to write about different recipes. Here you could describe how to cook a particular dish. This is a fairly simple topic to write about. You could provide a summary of the dish once the cooking preparation is complete. Think of this sort of essay as a guide for recipes along with some additional information regarding what is to be expected after the dish is cooked.

You could also consider approaching your food essay from a biological or medical angle. In this case you could structure your essay as per the composition of the ingredients present in food and write about how our health is affected by them. This would require a certain amount of research as you would want to ensure that your data is credible and would make an impression on all those who read your essay. Each of your essay paragraphs could discuss a certain fact.

Besides these options, you could also write an essay that discusses various foods that are found across the world. Here you could even discuss the difference between foods found in different countries, such as the difference between foods found in China and Japan. This would also give you the option of writing a cultural analysis based on the differences in foods found in various countries.

Last but not the least, when you write your food essay, make sure you conduct all the necessary research and also ensure that you outline, structure and format your essay in the proper manner. Once your essay is complete, proofread it and make sure it is error free before you hand it in.