Example of Evaluation Essay

The things you should know about evaluation essays

In an evaluation essay the writer analyses and evaluates a topic and presents his point on it and makes the reader agree to his viewpoint.

The process of writing such an essay starts with deciding on a topic and then extensively researching on it to create your own viewpoint. You have to explore the negative and positive aspects of the topic and then present your conclusion. Normally these types of essays are written to evaluate books, movies etc.

You have to follow a format to write these types of essays. Let us go into details and describe the essential sections of such kind of essays.


The first thing that you have to do is to introduce the topic which you will evaluate. You can mention the background of the topic and the opinions it has generated amongst people. You should include interesting facts, anecdotes and statistics to make the reader familiar to the topic. For more information you can click on custom essays writing and get help.

The judgment

Now you have to make a definite judgment about the topic. You should mention the objective principles based on which you will evaluate the narrative essay. A framework must be built in evaluation essays around which you will develop your argument. You should let the reader know the basis of your ideas and also leave room for others to have different opinions.

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The argument

Now it is time to develop your argument. Make sure it is strong, credible and persuasive. Divide the body of the essay into separate paragraphs and dedicate each paragraph to discuss one point. Each of the paragraphs must bring forward an argument that backs your thesis. You must provide facts and evidences to substantiate your argument.

You can include examples, testimony and statistics to put forward your point. Even you can compare with other works to explain your point lucidly. For more tips on dissertation click on dissertation help.

To make your evaluation essay more interesting you can even write some counter arguments and then refute them with strong evidences just to make your stand stronger. You should be tolerant towards other’s point of view and never be rigid.

As you present your argument try to re-establish your thesis and make the reader subscribe to your views.

Try to maintain an unbiased tone. For writing business evaluations you cannot use frivolous tone.

Your essay must end with a logical conclusion. You should restate your opinion and summarize the main points. Your essay should win the faith of the readers.

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Evaluation essays must be clearly organized. An appropriate introduction followed by your thesis and an argument which is based on facts and examples and finally your judgement which establishes your thesis.