Evaluation Essay Example

Students Shall Explore Many Evaluation Essay Ideas before Selecting a Topic

Before selecting a topic many evaluation essay examples shall be collected and studied by the students, for writing an excellent evaluation essay. This helps them to select the best topic among many ideas collected. Before gathering ideas for evaluation essay students shall know what an evaluation essay is. An evaluation essay gives a judgement on something. It has elements of and similarities to a persuasive essay, but not as forceful as a persuasive essay. It has to provide arguments like in argumentative essays to justify the judgement of the writer.

The Judgement Serves as the Thesis for an Evaluation Essay

The main idea in an evaluation essay is the judgement of the writer on the object that is being evaluated. Thus the judgement becomes the thesis of the evaluation essay. The research on the essay shall find the arguments and facts for establishing that thesis or evidences to justify the judgement. The introduction to an evaluation essay has to give the reader a clear idea of the object, person or the event being evaluated. It has to be brief and give only the information that is sufficient to know what is being evaluated. Essay conclusion should restate the judgement given by the writer.

Things That can be Evaluated in an Evaluation Essay

Literary work or any type of art work can be the object of an evaluation. A person can be evaluated based on the field in which he/she has gained a prominence. An event can be evaluated considering timeliness, relevance, results Etc. Any evaluation should have a basis for the evaluation. If the object for evaluation is a car the writer first selects the basis for evaluation. A Volkswagen Beetle should never be evaluated with expensive sports cars like Bugatti or Ferrari in the mind. That makes an impartial and an unbiased evaluation impossible. The need here is to have a similarity in the evaluation dimension which in this essay example is the cost factor or the category of vehicle such as economy car, sports car, luxury car.

How to Develop Evaluation Essay Ideas

Students can develop their own evaluation essay example if they clearly know what is expected from an evaluation essay. Then only they can start with interesting essay topics to write interesting essays. Students can follow these steps to arrive at interesting evaluation essay ideas.

• Select the type of object for evaluation

o Literature and arts: book, play, poem, song, music album, painting, film, TV series, sculpture, new fashion design, and any other thing student has liking and knowledge
o IT and the internet: a social website, software package, any piece of hardware
o Personalities: from history, politics, showbiz, war, philanthropy or religion
o Events: wars, natural disasters, political events, social event, school events
• Select the basis on which the object is to be evaluated
o Size, value, cost, benefits, acceptance, results, performance, anything that is relevant to the situation
• Research for information on criteria for evaluation relevant to the object being evaluated
• Form your judgement, and write it down convincingly

Now the student’s own evaluation essay examples, topic and the thesis statement is ready.

Getting Help to Write Evaluation Essays

Students may find it difficult to find a good idea and a topic for writing their evaluation essay. In such situations, they can contact a good essay writing service for help. Make sure to choose a reputed essay writing service that can help the students in any stage of writing the essay assignments.