Essay Writing

Short Guide On How To Write Essays

Often you must have come across numerous tips about essay writing. They say, start formal and be descriptive. No, start being a little informal, but remember to list the points. Use personal stories. Use jokes and poems. So many advices on how to write essays, can you imagine?

Well, I say you can write the essays any way you like. Most of the time, we will find some hard n’ fixed rules on how to write an essay. Well, for the academic essays, you sure need to maintain specific format to get the necessary grades from your supervisor. Yes, in college and universities, your grades do matter and going by them is wise of you. But do you really know what an essay mean? Essay is writing about something tangible or intangible. Presenting original facts and inferring a conclusion on something, that is what essay writing is all about.

But is there any rule on how to write essays? No there isn’t. You can write it the way you want. The only thing you should care about is that it should be clear, concise and well presented. Along with that, you must be accurate when you state any fact. Don’t use your imagination. That’s not how you write an essay.

Introduce with a weird question, a stupid quote or a marvelous personal story. Remember, essay writing is essentially about writing your take on something. So, when it depends on your take, the whole write-up depends on your presentation. If you are being sarcastic, you might want to start with something clever and witty. If you intend to be formal, you might want to start up with a survey report. It is what you want to present yourself to be like in the essay.

When it comes to the body, most of the people go for the PIE presentation. Now, what is this PIE presentation? It means you have to make it delicious like a pie! Jokes apart, PIE stands for Point, Information and Explanation. You POINT out what the paragraph is about in the first 1-2 sentences. In the next couple of sentences, you provide supportive INFORMATIVE anecdotes and facts going with the point. At last, you EXPLAIN your take on that. You can be for or against that. That’s your choice. Ultimately the essay is your opinion on something, isn’t it?

Ah, now the time for conclusion. Don’t worry about the conclusion, seriously. Most of the work is already done in the introduction and the body itself. In the conclusion, all you do is just accentuate the most important points and lead to your dominant opinion on the subject. Look, even if you are a normal student writing a general essay, the conclusion should have a strong character. It doesn’t make a point. It states your opinion. Remember that, it doesn’t state ‘the point’, but it states ‘your point’ on the subject. That’s it.

There it is. You have written your essay. I have an important point to make here. Don’t bother yourself on essay writing. Know how to present your opinion in the strongest and persuasive manner possible. That’d turn out to be a GREAT essay.