Selecting a Good Essay Topic

Choose the Right Essay Topic before You Start Writing.

Essay Topic

Selecting an Essay Topic can sometimes be difficult. You may not know what to write about and this can lead to a lot of frustration. Of course it is much easier if a specific topic has been assigned to you; however this is not always the case. To help you with your topic woes, here is a list of some interesting essay topics to select from, for different types of essays.

5 Paragraph Essay

Some good topics for a 5 paragraph essay are:

 Current status of drug abuse and teens
 Pledge of allegiance in schools
 Recent articles or other media reports
 Global or environmental concerns
 Difference between the current recession and previous recessions

Admissions Essay

For an admissions essay you could consider some of these topics:

 Community and volunteer projects – why you did them
 Overcoming adversity (a time you didn’t win)
 Personal achievements (through hard work and dedication)
 Specific traits (unique or advanced)
 Relate an adventure you went on – something you learned

Application Essay

Some possible choices for your Essay Topic are:

 Business topic – Job opportunities during the recession cause a growing need for educated talent
 Social sciences topic – Online interaction’s influence on teens and young adults – the changing face of “popular”
 Psychology topic – Understanding family struggles with drug addiction
 Nursing topic – Care requirements of cancer survivors living alone
 Communications topic – Intercultural communication in international organizations suffering from limited face-to-face interaction

Argumentative Essay

Take a look at the following topics for an argumentative essay:

 Business topic – Marketing to children does require government regulation
 Social sciences topic – Gaming addictions are not limited to teenagers
 Psychology topic – Group think processes for teams change with the implementation of diversity
 Nursing topic – Long shifts create the atmosphere for compassion fatigue
 Communications topic – Online work teams communicate effectively

Cause Effect Essay

Here are some topics for a cause effect essay:

 Business topic – Age and life circumstances influence job satisfaction
 Social sciences topic – Increased diversity in the workforce builds organizational culture
 Psychology topic – Lack of sleep increases depression problems in teens
 Nursing topic – Pre-emptive medicine increases the survivor rate of cancer victims
 Communications topic – Communication success increases productivity of employees

Descriptive Essay

Some possible choices for your Essay Topic are:

 People, Places, Objects, Emotions, Theories, etc.
 Unique experiences
 Poetic descriptions (the candy sounded like thunder)
 Emotions from a moment when you felt very strongly
 Historical re-enactments

Persuasive Essay

Take a look at these topics for a persuasive essay:

 Immigration policies
 Minority groups in media
 Cultural imbalances in education
 Mass media influences on elementary students
 Western education styles versus eastern philosophies

Selecting an Essay Topic requires a certain amount of research. For this reason it may take you some time to select a topic that you feel is right. If you find it too difficult to find the right topic, consider looking at an essay writing service. At you can truly rely on the cheap argumentative essay writing service!

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