Use the Essay Style of Your Choice

Take a Look at the Different Types of Essay Style

Essay Style

Whether you realise it or not, every essay requires that you follow a particular Essay Style. Essay writing can be done in numerous essay styles; your paper can be descriptive, narrative or even persuasive in style. It can even convey the cause and effect of an event or it can concentrate on the contrast and comparison of various subjects. Process analysis essays can also be used by writers to teach readers how to finish specific tasks. Take a look at some of the most commonly used styles of essay writing:

1. Cause and Effect

The cause and effect style is one of the most popularly used styles of essay writing. In this kind of Essay Style the relationship between the factors that caused an event and the result of the event is discussed. Essays which deal with the cause and effect of an event are normally written in chronological order. In this case the essay begins with the factors that lead to an event. The essay then goes on to focus on the changes caused by the event.

2. Compare and Contrast

In this type of essay the focus is placed on two or more things, individuals or events. The numerous similarities and differences between them are then discussed. In order to write a good essay of this type, you need to select topics that have a number of similarities as well as a number of differences. A compare contrast essay seeks to either inform readers about the essay topic or help readers come to decision between the essay topics.

3. Definition

A definition essay is an Essay Style that provides readers with a clear definition of a topic in a straightforward manner. Such types of essays are worded in a simple manner which makes them easily understood by the readers. Descriptions and numerous examples are used to properly define the subject of the paper.

4. Descriptive

Descriptive essays are creations of writers in which their subjects are painted in words. A well written descriptive essay provides readers with a vivid mental image of the essay topic. In such an essay, the details of the essay are discussed in way that appeals to all five senses. Readers can see, hear, touch, smell and even taste the contents of the essay.

5. Narrative

A narrative essay is one that tells a story. Narrative essays are written which such vivid detail that they leave a picture of the event in the reader’s mind. Those who read such an essay feel like they are experiencing the story personally. The writers of narrative essays recreate events with the help of emotions, feelings and moods and make the story come to life.

6. Persuasive

A persuasive Essay Style convinces readers to tilt toward a specific argument side or decision. In a persuasive essay, opinions of the writer are clearly provided and are supported by valid facts and statistics. These essays look at opposing points of view and discuss their limitations.

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