Essay Structure

The Core of a Professional Essay

When it comes to great essay writing, it is not just the essay content that matters. Research and knowledge are both great, but the first and most important thing to pay attention to is the essay structure. Every type of essay must follow a basic structure. Regardless of the type of essay being written, this outline remains the same. This basic structure consists of an introduction, body and lastly, a conclusion. If you want to create an accurate essay, take a look at some basic guidelines to help your structure your essay.

The Basic Structure of an Essay

  • Introduction

The introduction should not be more than one tenth of the length of the entire essay. This means if the essay is a very detailed and lengthy one, the introduction of such an essay may consist of numerous paragraphs. However, in most cases the introduction comprises of a single concise paragraph. Another point to keep in mind while forming your essays structure is that an introduction always contains content that is deductive in nature. This is because it guides the reader from the general point of view of the topic to the specific essay theme.

For an introduction to be deemed good, it would have to contain the following:

•  Opening lines that bring in the essay topic.

•  Background information on the topic; this should smoothly take the reader to the analysed part of the topic.

•  Literary methods to get the attention of the reader

•  An iron-clad thesis statement that successfully defines and states the writer’s point – the main argument of the essay.

  • Body

The essay body contains all the research and information that you have collected regarding your thesis. The body consists of a number of paragraphs that support your thesis. The function of the essay body is to give readers a view that remains consistent from the top to the bottom of your essay.

There is no fixed number of paragraphs for an structure. The body of a simple essay can contain as many paragraphs as required in order to prove the argument of the writer’s thesis statement. It is of the utmost importance to remember that every paragraph is only meant to discuss a single argument. This must be brought out in a single concise thought, in a line referred to as the topic sentence. This means that the number of paragraphs in the essay will be the same as the number of topic sentences. Also, every paragraph must logically lead to the next paragraph.

  • Conclusion

The last part of an essay structure is the conclusion of the essay. This normally consists of a single solid paragraph. The aim of the conclusion is to effectively sum up the essay arguments which were revealed in the topic sentences. The conclusion signals the end of your essay. It reviews the essay content, the thesis statement and also provides a summary of some of your main ideas.