Commonly Asked Essay Questions

Frequently Asked Essay Questions and How to Answer Them

Essay Questions

Essay writing is the most important part of your application process as well as the toughest part. However, do not be afraid when you write an essay. Most colleges and universities ask certain common Essay Questions. Here are some of these frequently asked questions:

Question 1: Field of study and academic plans

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, especially for scholarship application essays. The point of this question is to gauge how well you understand your major and to determine the reasons for your interest in that particular field. This question can be asked in the following ways:
1. How does your chosen field contribute to your career plans?
2. Why do you want to be in your selected profession?
3. Explain the importance of your field in today’s society.

Question 2: Current Events and Social Problems

This type of question is designed to test your problem solving skills and your knowledge of current events. A lot of application essays ask questions regarding issues faced by society. This question can be asked in the following ways:

1. What according to you is the most pressing societal issue and why?
2. Select a controversial issue on college campuses and suggest how to solve it.
3. According to you, what is the biggest environmental threat today?

Question 3: Personal Achievements

This question is a favourite of scholarship essays. It makes sense as scholarships are given to reward and encourage accomplishments. For such Essay Questions, you need to brag a little bit about all your accomplishments. This question can be asked in the following ways:

1. Give examples of how you have shown leadership ability in and out of school.
2. Write about a significant accomplishment that makes you stand out.
3. What are your most meaningful achievements; discuss how they relate to your field and your goals.
4. Why do you believe you deserve this award?

Question 4: Background and Influences

Such Essay Questions are based on the belief that who you are as an individual is based on the places you have visited and the people you have known. In order to learn more about you, a lot of essays ask this question. This question can be asked in the following ways:

1. Talk about one of your experiences and discuss how it shaped your development.
2. Who has influenced you the most and why?
3. In what way has your family background changed your world view?
4. Discuss how your education has contributed towards making you the person you are now.

Question 5: Future Plans and Goals

Most colleges and universities look out for individuals with vision and motivation. This is where you need to write about your goals and aspirations. This question can be asked in the following ways:

1. Briefly discuss your long and short term goals.
2. What are your reasons for wanting a college education?
3. 10 years from today, where do you see yourself?

Essay Questions may seem scary, but once you know how to approach them it will be a lot easier to answers them. So keep these essay tips in mind when writing your paper!

Of course, all your likes and dislikes concerning your future college essay topics are always considered by our writers!