Essay on Love: Spread Love Among People by Writing Effective Essays on Love

An Essay on Love to let peace amplify throughout the world

Love is a feeling. It cannot be entirely expressed in words or explained completely by writing. In an Essay on Love, the writer needs to understand and feel love before writing about it. Love has many forms but the only form that comes to anybody’s mind while talking about it is love between young boys and girls.

Love can simply be called a feeling of care. When a person starts caring for someone it can be considered love. If you care for your neighbors, it means you love them. It does not mean that you have to spend the rest of your life with them. Such Essays can spread the true meaning of love.

Anger, harshness, impatience, rudeness, envy, revenge, etc. are feelings that take a person far away from love. If a person is angry he may not worry about what he speaks. This may hurt the other person which may cause an unhealthy situation. Harsh and rude behavior also causes hatred among people. Impatience is a behavior which leads to carelessness and inattention. This may create problems among a person and his close ones. Envy and jealousy and revenge are some feelings that some people cannot avoid. These create distrust and can turn down relationships. An Essay on Love can describe various feelings among people which may ruin love.

Nowadays people spend their lives struggling for money and materialistic pleasures. Because man is never satisfied by anything and always has a feeling to obtain more and more in life, he barely thinks about the people around him. This takes him into a severely bad condition in his old age. When he needs nothing else but love, there is nobody to spend time on him. In today’s industrialized world care and affection are lost, due to which theft, killings and terrorism are spread everywhere.

Love is not only the feeling that young boys and girls seem to possess for each other. It is seen between parents and children, brothers and sisters, husband and wife, friends, colleagues and neighbors. Love of a mother (See Mother Essay) for her children is always considered sacred in many communities. In an Essay on Love a writer can write many things about a mother’s love or parental love.

Not only in human beings but love is also seen among animals and birds. One can say love is spread in nature (See Nature Essay) and you get to learn many things from it. A dog grown up as a pet in a house loves his master even though he is beaten up hundreds of times. This is called unconditional love. The dog has so much faith in his master that he cannot stop loving him. He keeps waiting for a glimpse of care in his master’s behavior and starts loving him more and more after that.

Once people will start loving each other unconditionally all the worldly problems would end. Discrimination of caste, culture and color would seem petite if complete love spread among humans. An Essay on Love would certainly evoke love among people which may solve all troubles and bring peace (See Peace Essay) in the world.