Essay Introduction

Learn to Write an Effective and Striking Introduction of an Essay

For a reader, the introduction of your essay is like an entry point of your essay. It should attract the reader and grab their attention. In the essay introduction part, there should be some startling information which may not be always new, but the words should be so used that the reader wants to read more and more of it. The statements used must be up to the point and brief. They should be relevant to the topic.

Introductions should not be too long. To elaborate every point there is a separate portion in an essay called the Body of the essay. There should be a few sentences that explain your topic in general. An introduction should state the overall purpose and goal of the writing that follows. Long discussions and details descriptions should be made in the body of the essay. While writing an essay introduction care should be taken that the quotations used are made by famous people whom readers can easily identify.

An essay introduction starts with some general information about the topic. After this there have to be some statements which gradually take the reader towards the actual point you want to focus on. There can be some anecdote written in the introduction part which is exactly related to the topic. An anecdote is a small story that supports the author’s main argument. The writer should avoid writing anecdotes that do not correspond to the topic appropriately. For example, if you are writing a smoking essay, your introduction can start with a short story describing how someone suffered from lungs cancer due to uncontrolled smoking. A few dialogues can also be written in this part, which effectively convey the direct message to the reader. Quotations can also prove an excellent way of explaining the topic.

Introduction can be serious, funny, unusual, and controversial. Whatever the topic is, the ultimate idea is to use simple words in describing the topic in short. It can start with a question or just a statement. Earlier the statements should be wide-ranging and overall kind. While heading towards the end of the introduction they should narrow down and become more and more specific. Especially in science and technology articles the introduction should end with a definite subject which is directly related to the topic.

No matter what essay topic you have; whether it is an education essay, criticism essay or science and technology essay, essay introduction is highly significant. Even though your essay content is excellent, if the introduction is not effective enough, your writing may never be appreciated. This is why the introduction ought to be an attention grabber.

Writer of an essay should never forget to write the thesis in an introduction. A thesis is a group of statements which collectively describe the topic in short. It should not be too long but up to the point. This is most important in an essay; it is like actually answering the main question.