How to Write an Essay Intro

Start Your Essay Intro with a General Discussion.

Essay Intro

Your Essay Intro should begin with a general discussion with regards to your essay subject. It should then proceed to introduce readers to a very specific thesis statement. A thesis statement is a description of the main point of your essay, also known as a thesis. A good essay would begin with something that grabs the attention of your readers. This could be in the form of a challenging statement or even some sort of surprising information that would catch a reader’s eye. Your thesis statement should mention briefly, in a line or two, what your essay argument is and what your essay paragraphs will be discussing.

Take for instance an essay topic on the importance of car airbags. To write such an essay you could begin with some basic information on car accidents and provide statistical evidence with regards to survival rates. You could even put in an attention grabbing story about a person who managed to survive a horrible accident all because of an airbag. The thesis statement of your Essay Intro would mention in short, the biggest reasons for using airbags. Every reason would be explained in the essay body. The whole point of the introduction is to get and hold the reader’s attention. Here are some good ways to achieve this:

1. Surprising information

The information that you provide needs to be accurate and verifiable. It doesn’t have to be something that no reader has ever read before. It could just be a relevant fact that clearly explains the point that you want to make. If you place startling news inside your essay, make sure you follow it up with a few lines that explain your news.

2. Anecdote

An anecdote is a story that explains a point. Make sure you keep your anecdote brief, concise and relevant to your subject. Using an anecdote is a great way to generate interest in your essay. However, you need to make sure you use this method carefully and wisely.

3. Dialogue

A good dialogue does not require its speakers to be identified. However, it is important that the dialogue successfully conveys what you want to say. Through the dialogue in your Essay Intro, the readers should be able understand the point that you are making. Try to keep the dialogue simple; use only a couple of dialogue exchanges to explain your point. After your dialogue, write a few sentences to elaborate and clarify the point that you are trying to make.

4. Summary content

Write down a couple of sentences that explain the subject of your essay in simple terms. This helps readers to find their way to your thesis statement. Every sentence written in your essay should slowly focus more and more on your thesis and become more specific, until you arrive at your thesis statement.

If you feel the information meant to grab attention is too brief or too short, write a few more sentences that will help your readers find their way to your main point. Finish your Essay Intro paragraph with your thesis statement. If you need more help with your essay writing, you could look at an essay writing service.