Essay Examples

Importance Of Essay Examples

I have seen that in most of the essay writing advices, they talk about writing, writing and writing. As the first thing you should do to learn writing is to write. Well, they are true at some point. But remember writing is still an art. And art relies greatly on observation and perception. If your power of observation and perception is not yet fortified, you won’t be able to write as an expert essay writer. So, what do you need to do? You need to study essay examples.

You can choose to study examples from different cultures and religions. You might also resort to examples from different languages and their prominent writers. Then only you can start to feel about the whole essay writing thing. Of course, you will come to know about the rich cultures and languages, would be able to gain some insight from them. But more importantly when you study the essays from different writers from places and origins, you actually learn about the scopes of essays.

The first thing that you learn about essay writing is the clarity of thought that is put into it. Before actually putting your pen down on the paper, you have to do proper research on the topic. But before you conduct research, you got to know what you are going to write. You got to figure out the outline of the main points and subheads. Then when you are clear about what you want, you go about searching for it.

But yes, thorough study about any specific topic is also one of the most important aspects of any essay writing. Essay writing is always about writing your conclusion about something. Now, if you haven’t done your research, how can your conclusion be reliable and trustworthy? In fact, that conclusion is NOT a conclusion at all. But from the essay examples, you will see how all of them (unless you are checking something worthless in the first place) have conducted exhaustive research on their subjects.

Yes, one thing you will notice in most of the essays, especially in the school essay. That is brevity. You can be verbose, of course. But there needs to be solid structure. There needs to be a power in your essay. That only comes from firmness in your essay. Learn how to frame your sentences properly. Learn how to use the right words at the right time. Learn the art of writing paragraphs. When you start strong and end strong, that’s when you start writing essays.

When you write essays, you learn to write. But that isn’t enough. It is not just about learning how to do it but achieving that level where you are a guide to others. When you study the essay examples, you learn to achieve excellence in the subject. You know what masters do with their pen. You get an idea of that. Ultimately, you turn into a master yourself.