Education Essay: Education System and Growth in India

An Education Essay can become a key to unlock India’s Potential

Indians have always kept on learning and discovering new things from centuries. Stretching back to the ancient centers of learning at “Taxila” and “Nalanda”, people of India have gradually lifted the standards of their education system. If to take an Education Essay assigned to Indian students, it might include the step by step learning process of India.

The writer of such an essay can mention the following steps in Indian Education system.

  • Pre-Primary Education:
    It may consist of two or three studing years. This is the most basic form of education where a kid starts learning to read and write. This is the time when the child learns to identify various things, colors, animals and birds, etc.
  • Primary Education:
    It encompasses eight years of education. During this period, the child masters such subjects like science, mathematics and social studies, as well as language, such as English, Hindi, Gujarati, etc.
  • Secondary Education:The secondary education involves two years of studing. Actually, this is a period when the child learns major subjects that might turn out to be helpful to him/her in taking the higher secondary education.
  • Higher-Secondary Education:This is a term when the child is already grown up into a teenager. This goes on for two years which covers those subjects that are expected to help the person to decide the field of his/her future higher education.
  • Graduation:
    Graduation is done in a particular sphere of interests. The most popular streams are Medicine, Engineering, Fine Arts, etc. All these fields also contain different additional disciplines. Actually, a person can opt for anyone of them.
  • Post-Graduation:Post-Graduation depends on the field you opted for in your Graduation. It is a further detailed course concerning any of the chosen areas.

After Post Graduation, the discipline of research and development is always open for a person. Other studies in an Indian Education system also encourages a child in extra-curricular activities like sports, art, reading and writing. Interestingly, schools and colleges arrange competitions for the activities that are aimed at further enhancing of a child’s interest in these areas. In an Education Essay, the writer must focus on the large variety of options any child has to pursue for the bright future.

In an educated society, people are more understanding and sophisticated. This helps them to appreciate the way of living and culture of other people. Riots, quarrels, clashes, arguments, disagreements are all raised to form major misdeeds, such as thefts, killings and terrorism (See Terrorism Essay). Usually, knowledgeable and well educated people do not follow such activities and keep themselves focused on their work. An Education Essay can bring change in a person’s life by making him aware of the need for education.

Education is not only necessary for the self-development of an individual, but it is favorable for the growth of his/her country as well. When most people are educated, there will be more discoveries that are bring positive changes to human nature and spread peace (See Peace Essay) and harmony throughout the world. Want to make your persuasive essay as easy as a pie? Undoubtedly, you’ve made the right choice! Here we cover all types of essays at A+ level!

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