Definition Essay Writing

How to Write an Effective Definition Essay

To write an effective definition essay you need to first understand the meaning of such an essay. The purpose of such types of essays is to explain what a particular term means. Certain terms like flower, book or bowl have fixed definite meanings. There are other also terms whose meanings are more abstract in nature. Examples of such terms would be truth, integrity or love. The meaning of such terms depends a lot on a person’s opinion.

  • How to Write a Good Essay on Definitions

In order to succeed at effective essay writing, you simply have to follow three steps:

• Inform the readers of the term whose definition is being given.
• Provide simple information that readers would easily be able to understand.
• Explain your content with the help of factual information, relevant examples and even anecdotes that reach out to your readers.

  • Selecting a Definition

Selecting a definition is the most important step when it comes to writing definition essays. Before you begin to explain the term to all your readers, it is imperative that you have a good understanding of the term yourself. You cannot expect to successfully explain a term that you yourself cannot comprehend. To write a good essay you need to understand the term by reading its meaning in a dictionary. However, do not copy this definition and place it in your essay. It is important that you teach your readers the meaning of the term by explaining it in short in your own words.

It is also important that you set a limit for yourself with regards to the term. This means if you have a broad term, you need to narrow it down and turn it into a slightly specific term. Take for example the word ‘love’ as a topic for your essay. This word is so broad that you would be able to write on it forever. To deal with this issue, you need to limit the word ‘love’ and focus on a specific kind of love such as ‘romantic love’ or ‘platonic love.’ This limit should be set in place before you begin defining the term.

  • Steps to Write an Effective Definition

a) Form a definition. There are numerous ways to create a definition for a term. Some of these ways are:

• Define according to function. This means explaining the working of a particular thing.
• Define according to structure. This means explaining how a particular thing is formed.
• Define according to analysis. This means comparing the term to its other class members and then highlighting the ways in which they differ.
• Define according to what the term does not stand for. This difference may occasionally make the explanation of a definition even clearer to readers.

b) Place simple facts, good examples or anecdotes to explain your definition in the best possible manner.

When writing a definition essay, remember that the purpose of your essay is to explain the meaning of a particular term. Make sure you tell your readers what you are explaining, provide them with a simple definition and use facts or examples to drive home your point. If you are unsure about writing such an essay, you could always check out an essay writing service.